You know you are living on an island when in the space of 48 hours you can go from shorts and t-shirt with a cold beer and a BBQ to fleece and woolly hat with a hot chocolate! If any month is going to throw that at you, June will. Flaming June one minute but the sea is still cold so a rapidly warming land often brings dense fog and drizzle or humidity and thunderstorms.

Sure enough this week we've had a bit of everything. Luckily our seabird counts were out of the way but the changeable weather has made keeping tabs on our fledging chough challenging. Today was a write off, dense fog from start to finish so the laptop beckoned. As of yesterday we had 3 of the 7 active sites confirmed - 4 young from one site, 3 from another and 2 from the third. The other 4 all appear to still be feeding young in their respective caves but I'm slightly suspicious of one of them who could in fact have failed and are still just 'going through the motions'. Rain is forecast for tomorrow (I'm not complaining) but hopefully the fog will clear to allow us the chance for another check.

Carn Llundain (the highest of our three peaks) is the first thing to disappear when a sea fret comes in

No chance of an scenery shots today - the island has been shrouded in a thick fog all day

A couple of days ago we were treated to impressive clouds which gave rise to some intense downpours and a few rumbles of thunder

The sheep don't stop because of the rain and neither does Dewi