Bittern Multiple territorial males still booming from Cuckoo Fen.  Dawn and dusk are the best time to hear these birds although with patience they can be seen throughout the day, making short hop flights around Cuckoo Fen and the perimeter canal and sometimes flying high over to Needingworth.

Marsh harriersThree pairs nesting on Cuckoo Fen one pair on Cuckoo Fen North.  Feeding flights becoming more frequent as season proceeds.  Excellent views from reedbed trail.

Bearded tits –  Plenty of pinging and distant sightings.  Best bet for closer encounter is along the canal in warm, dry weather.

Cetti’s warblers – Many in full song although a few still warming up.  You’ll be lucky to see one of these scrub-dwellers but the maturing grey willow in Cuckoo Fen makes this the best place to hear them.

Warblers (territorial) – Grasshopper warbler on Cuckoo Fen North,  lesser whitethroat Barleycroft (eastern boundary) and Cuckoo Fen (southern edge, walk along Cuckoo Drove).

GarganeyDrake on Berry Fen (14/5/17).

Cuckoo and turtle dove -  Males calling from Needingworth settlement lagoons

Hobby -  at least nine over reedbeds (13/5/17)

Berry fen – Over the past month: 180 black-tailed godwit, 5 ruffs, common sandpiper and wood sandpiper, ringed plover, little ringed plover and grey plover, turnstone, dunlin, black winged stilt (11/5/17), spotted redshank, greenshank.