Good afternoon. I had a rare Sunday off yesterday and as it was such a lovely day, I decided to come over to the reserve for a walk armed with my camera. I will share some of my photos below and then say a bit about what I saw:

Settling lagoon with the processing plant in the background:

Small tortoiseshell:

Processing plant:

Great Ouse River:

Views over the reedbed:

Image credit: David White

There was plenty to see out on the reserve and shortly after I left the car park, I heard a couple of green woodpeckers calling. There were several butterflies on the wing including several small tortoishells, brimstones and peacocks.

A couple of little egrets were feeding alongside the river and a pair of lapwings were displaying enthusiastically nearby.  I could also hear the squawking of large numbers of black headed gulls that were feeding around Barleycroft Lake.

When I reached the reedbed, things really started coming to life. I could hear a bittern booming nearby which was the first proper "boomer" that I have heard this year. Several marsh harriers were displaying overhead and at least four common buzzards soaring overhead. I also had a glimpse of a bearded tit that flew between two of the reedbed compartments.   

I thoroughly enjoyed my walk around the reserve and I must come back again soon! Why not come and visit the reserve to explore it for yourselves?

David White

Communications Officer

RSPB Cambridgeshire & Fens Area team