National Moths and Bats Night, May 15th!

Hello! As this is the first post I will take this opportunity to say welcome to the Northward Hill community and thank you for joining. Spring has finally arrived and we are very thankful for it at the office. Swallows have arrived as well as Willow warblers along with many others. The reserve is bursting into life with everyday of sunshine that passes. The reserve is well flooded and has provided some excellent scenes.

Our first event, as the title states, is our Moths and Bats night. It starts at 8.30pm and finishes at 11pm. This should be an excellent evening and a real treat for first timers. Anyone that would like to know more is more than welcome to call the office, 01634222480, and ask for Elliott or David. As this is an outdoor event we are encouraging people to consider their attire. Can I ask people to rendezvous at the main car park, Brohmey  Farm.

From everyone at the office, We look forward to seeing you at Northward Hill Reserve.