The reserve is looking really green and verdant at this time of the year and it nice to hear a fledgeling Cuckoo was seen yesterday afternoon on the power lines near to the office by Frank Cackett.

Despite the dull weather, the site was still home to a lone Cuckoo not sure of the sex however as it flew low over the brambles in the distance.

James informed me a female was still calling on Tuesday late afternoon, interestingly I read today that one of the tagged Cuckoos from BTO HQ at Thetford was already in France, so maybe some leave even earlier than we thought.

I haven't given up on my quest to find one still in its' hosts nest.

So I want to thank the staff Julian, Will, Ruby, James and Katie, assisted by the five interns over the past year or so, Joe, Ben, Emily, Heather and Alice. Not forgetting, of course, the stalwart volunteer's whos' contributions are hugely important. Lygia, Dave E and B, Barrie, Richard, Sam, Rob, Graham, Steve and Kash.