Yesterday morning I saw an unusual sight as I drove off site, it the middle of the road was a Stoat attacking a Magpie as the former saw me it scuttled off in the kerbside bracken. The Magpie appeared injured on its right wing because it drooped badly, enough to prevent it from flying off as would be expected.

It hopped up the opposite bank and disappeared down a rabbit hole, to either die or be found again by the fleeing assassin

I was surprised at a Stoat attacking a bird the size of a Magpie, but then again we all remember the fantastic photo of a few years ago of one on the back of a flying Green Woodpecker.

  • They are fearsome for their size. Don't forget though, that rabbits are a favourite for stoats. Discounting the magpie's tail, I think a typical rabbit would be quite a bit larger? I've not seen a stoat with a magpie, but have with rabbits, amongst other things.