Yesterday morning I was privileged to look through the specimens collected overnight with intern Marie. Here is a list and a couple of photos of highlights for me. Riband Wave, Latticed Heath, Dark Arches, Box Moth, Small Magpie, Least Carpet, Heart and Dart, Beautiful Hook-tip, Synaphe punctalis, Thistle Ermine, Dwarf Cream Wave, Agapeta hamana, Privet Hawk Moth, Buff Ermine, Lappet, Lackey, Dusky Sallow, Bright-line Brown eye, Cream-bordered pea green, Buff-tip, Lunar spotted pinion, Common Rustic, Red-barred  Tortrix, Water Veneer, Ingrailed Clay, The Clay, White-line Dart, Garden Rose Tortrix, Bramble shoot Moth,  The Uncertain, Mottled Rustic, Chrysoteauchia culmella, Brown-tail, Single dotted Wave, Orchard Ermine, Forso kaleana, Achatana, Brown House Moth, Acleris forsskalana. This amazing moth is the Lappet. Any predator glancing at this would probably just leaf it alone.