• Big Wild Summer

    Summer is underway and we are excited to announce the Big Wild Summer!

    This summer, we will be hosting events at Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve, providing you with unique opportunities to connect with nature and experience the wildlife that call the reserve home.

    Our team will ensure your experience with us is fun filled whilst being Covid secure. Please see our Covid events page for more information about what…

    • 29 Jun 2021
  • Summer Solstice

    Recent sightings 21st - 27th June 2021

    As the summer solstice was celebrated at the start of the week, it seems here at Newport Wetlands summer is still on furlough. However, regardless of if it will be a scorcher or a wash out, we’re gearing up on the reserve for the Big Wild Summer which is happening across RSPB reserves throughout the UK. Our visitor experience team are busy behind the scenes planning lots of fun activi…

    • 28 Jun 2021
  • Midsummer Moths

    Recent sightings 14th June to 20th June.

    As we approach the summer solstice with the days at their longest, it might be a nice idea to talk about one of our night-time visitors. More and more moths have been caught in the moth trap recently and these past few days have seen a magnificent display of different species. The majority of our moths are mostly a mystery to our visitors due to them being more active at night…

    • 22 Jun 2021
  • Orchid Extravaganza

    Recent Sightings from 7th to 13th June

    This week has seen a purple explosion on our site as the orchids bloom. The southern marsh orchids are leading the pack, with hundreds of them popping up amongst the reeds all-round the reserve. The vivid colour of the orchids, combined with other wildflowers such as grass vetchling and buttercups, really show that summer has arrived.  We also have a few bee orchids coming out around…

    • 15 Jun 2021
  • Half Term Heat Wave

    Recent Sightings from May 31st to 6th June

    The Wetlands sprung into June this week welcoming the sunshine and blue skies. Visitors enjoyed the bank holiday sunshine and kicked off the half term week for schools. We saw one of the busiest days since reopening, on bank holiday Monday and we don’t just mean the visitors! The warm weather and scorching sunshine have given a burst of energy to the dragonflies, bees and butterflies…

    • 8 Jun 2021
  • Bees and blooms

    Recent Sightings from 24th to 30th May

    It’s the last week in May and normal play has resumed with plenty of warm sunny weather this week at the Wetlands. This is the time of year when wildflowers and the insects that feed off them really come to life. The reserve is alive with colour from the bright purple southern marsh orchids to carpets of yellow buttercups. Perfect for pollinators, these diverse flower meadows…

    • 1 Jun 2021
  • Still good weather for ducks

    Recent Sightings from 17th to 23rd May

    We are heading for the wettest May on record in a month, a time when the wildlife can usually expect some relief from persistent rain. Despite the challenge there have been plenty of wildlife sightings. It is peak breeding season and there is food to find and chicks to feed.

    Ducks and geese of course are not phased by a bit of wet weather with tufted ducks as usual spending time…

    • 25 May 2021
  • Good Weather For Ducks

    Recent Sightings from 10th to 16th May

    It has been a generally wet week at the Wetlands with heavy showers, persistent rain and even hail featuring early in the week. It can prove challenging for nesting birds but many of the species found here are totally at home surrounded by water. Tufted ducks, gadwall and little grebes have been working hard on the lagoons. Coots with youngsters are also busy finding food for their…

    • 17 May 2021
  • Booming bitterns and baby birds

    Recent Sightings from 3rd to 9th May 2021

    International Dawn Chorus Day last Sunday was a beautiful day full of birdsong at Newport Wetlands and so it has continued through this week. The more familiar garden birds such as blackbird, robin and wren are singing all along Perry Lane. Great tits, blue tits, long tailed tits, and goldfinch have also been spotted here. This is also a good place to listen for blackcaps and…

    • 10 May 2021
  • Her Natur Dinas 2021 – Cymerwch ran!

    Mae Her Natur Dinas yn ddigwyddiad byd-eang sy’n dathlu grym iachau bod allan ym myd natur, drwy chwilio am fioamrywiaeth leol a’i chofnodi. Eleni, mae pethau’n cael eu gwneud ychydig yn wahanol ac rydym yn cydweithio â nifer o bartneriaid prosiect i annog pobl i gymryd rhan a dechrau cofnodi beth sydd yn eu hardal leol.  Mae’r digwyddiad yn cael ei gynnal rhwng 30 Ebrill a 3 Mai, gyda phob diwrnod…

    • 20 Apr 2021
  • City Nature Challenge 2021 - Get involved!

    City Nature Challenge is a global event that celebrates the healing power of being out in nature by searching for and documenting local biodiversity. This year, things are being done a little differently and we are collaborating with a number of project partners to encourage people to get involved and start recording what is in their local area.  The event runs from the 30th April – 3rd May, with each day focusing…

    • 20 Apr 2021
  • Signs of Spring

    We may be in the midst of a blisteringly cold wintry spell but spring is just around the corner and there are already early signs appearing all around us. With the reserve still closed to all but those within walking distance, we can enjoy the signs of spring on our daily walks with just a little reflection of springtime at the wetlands.

     Snow drops have appeared quite early this year, in large numbers along the hedgerows…

    • 12 Feb 2021
  • Newport Wetland's Team #BigGardenBirdWatch

    'Recent Sightings' from 29th to 31st January

    Wow, what a fabulous weekend for birdwatching, this year's Big Garden Birdwatch has been a real success. Lockdown restrictions have meant many of us spending more time than ever in or looking at our gardens. More people are turning to garden birdwatching and this connection with nature can only be a good thing. The submissions are still coming in but 2021 could be…

    • 2 Feb 2021
  • Wonderful Wetlands

    Photo - Reedbeds in the breeze (Tracey Dunford)

    With all the recent rainfall, flooding and soggy ground, we may be forgiven for assuming the UK has plenty of wetland habitat. On the contrary flooding is one of the direct outcomes of the loss of good quality wetlands areas.

    Why are Wetlands so special?

    These areas can take many different forms, including upland peat bog, lowland meadow grassland and the familiar coastal…

    • 2 Feb 2021
  • Countdown to the Big Garden Birdwatch 2021.... What will you see?


    There is just over a week to go it is already looking set to be a very big year for the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. Last year close to half a million people contributed to what has become extremely important dataset. The 42nd year is gearing up to the biggest for the largest wildlife survey in the world. Over the past year there has been a surge in interest in nature, and more than ever before, we've seen how important…

    • 19 Jan 2021
  • Masters of Murmurations

    Photo: Starling murmuration at Newport Wetlands, Sarah Parmor

    The starlings’ magnificent roosting spectacle is one of the great wildlife highlights at Newport Wetlands. November and December are the best months to view this fabulous aerial display when flocks of around 50k birds will come to roost in the reedbeds. Unfortunately we were unable to feature any starlings events in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions but let…

    • 11 Jan 2021
  • Christmas presents before the lockdown

    Recent sightings from 14 to 19 December 2020

    This week brought the one or the other early present before the level 4 lockdown restrictions came into force on Sunday 20th December. The starlings continued to show up in good numbers for the murmurations. In previous years we have seen numbers dwindle from the middle of December but there hasn’t been any sign of this so far. Once again, the wading birds competed with the…

    • 19 Dec 2020
  • Festival of wading birds

    Recent sightings from 07 to 13 December 2020

    Wading birds put on a really good show this week, both in terms of quantity of species and individuals. Over a thousand dunlins were joined by at least two hundred black-tailed godwits and curlews. Redshanks and grey plovers were around in good numbers and knots, lapwings and a few oystercatchers joined the party. Especially when spooked by the incoming tide or by a predator…

    • 13 Dec 2020
  • Some early presents

    Recent sightings from 30 November to 06 December 2020

    December has begun and Christmas is just around the corner. The starlings certainly had the one or the other present in store when they once again delighted visitors with their magnificent murmurations this week. Up to around 50,000 were painting the sky with swirling formations that every snow globe would be proud of. Bullfinches were heard on a daily basis along…

    • 7 Dec 2020
  • The beauty of flocks

    Recent sightings from 23 to 29 November 2020

    It was the first proper autumn week this year with temperatures plummeting and with frost on some mornings. Whilst we can hide under a warm blanket and make things a bit more pleasant and cosy for ourselves, wildlife doesn’t have this privilege. No wonder that the one or the other songbird seemed a bit bigger than usual with them being puffed up. There were less fieldfares…

    • 30 Nov 2020
  • Wonderful wildfowl

    Recent sightings from 16 to 22 November 2020

    This week had its fair share of typical November weather with lots of rain and wind. Therefore, conditions for birdwatching weren’t perfect as the visibility was quite poor at times. Not least identifying waders on the foreshore became an even bigger challenge than it already is normally. Curlew, dunlin, black-tailed godwit, lapwing, grey plover, oystercatcher and redshank…

    • 22 Nov 2020
  • Winter is coming

    Recent sightings from 09 to 15 November 2020

    The first week back after the firebreak lockdown in Wales brought plenty of great wildlife with the one of the other rarity mixed in. Since we went into lockdown quite a few things have changed in nature and winter is well and truly on its way. One sure sign for this is the arrival of thrushes in big numbers. There are plenty more blackbirds around and flocks of fieldfare and…

    • 16 Nov 2020
  • Treats before the firebreak lockdown

    Recent sightings from 19 to 23 October 2020

    As a result of the Wales Firebreak, the visitor centre including shop, café and toilets, plus the car park, are closed from 5.00pm Friday 23 October until 9.00am Monday 9 November 2020. We look forward to welcoming visitors back once the Firebreak ends. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

    Due to the firebreak lockdown, this roundup includes only sightings from Monday…

    • 23 Oct 2020
  • Raptors, bearded tits and moths

    Recent sightings from 12 to 18 October 2020

    Along the coast curlew and shelduck were seen in good numbers on the mudflats whilst wigeons were seen at the water’s edge and a pintail was reported on Sunday. Some dunlins were around on Tuesday and Thursday and a flock of lapwings was flying past on Friday. Little egrets were standing out with their bright white plumage. A great black-back gull joined the black-headed, lesser…

    • 19 Oct 2020
  • Autumn delights

    Recent sightings from 05 to 11 October 2020

    Autumn has well and truly arrived with chilly mornings and earlier sunsets. The week started promising with lots of curlews and shelducks along the foreshore. They were joined on Monday by a small flock of dunlins. Later that day a mixed flock of waders including black-tailed godwits and redshanks was seen flying over the reserve towards the coast. Whilst sparrowhawk and buzzard…

    • 12 Oct 2020