Bird Ringing Demonstration 26 January 2019

The Goldcliff Ringing Group were our guests on Saturday morning for a bird ringing demonstration. Richard Clarke from the group kindly gave us a summary of the results:

“A total of 33 birds were trapped and processed during the bird ringing event, which included 23 Blue tits (12 male/10 female), 8 Great tits (2 male, 6 female) and 2 Great spotted woodpeckers (both male and hatched in 2018). The majority of the Blue and Great tits were from clutches hatched in 2018.

Seven of the birds had been ringed previously by the Goldcliff Ringing Group at previous ringing events at the RSPB centre in April and July 2018, so it was good to gather further valuable information about these birds.  One of the Great tits had been ringed back in October 2016 (2years and 97days earlier) at a different location on the reserve.

All data collected on the day will be fed back to the British Trust for Ornithology as part of the National bird ringing programme, which contributes to our wider understanding about many aspects of our British birds.”

Despite the windy and a little showery weather conditions, it was definitely a great event that allowed visitors a very personal close-up with the birds and also allowed them to learn more about the work of the bird ringers.

Photo credit: Great tit by Jeremy White