The summer is a fantastic time to visit the Mull of Galloway as the seabirds nest on the cliff ledges. It's also a good time to take part in one of the events ran on the reserve. 

Last weekend we celebrated our smuggling history with a festival of events organised by the Mull of Galloway community trust. With a close proximity to the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland, many goods were smuggled into the local area in order to avoid tax. Sea mist settled around the reserve both mornings, providing an atmospheric backdrop for our smuggling themed activities. 

RSPB Robert Conn can barely be seen in the sea mist at the Mull of Galloway (photo Laura Shearer)

Even the puffins were in on the smuggling theme (photo Laura Shearer)

Talk from Francis Wilkins about the smuggling history of the local area (photo Laura Shearer)

The weekend of talks, guided tours and treasure trails was rounded off with some African drumming by Stranraer's Drum for Fun. The group (aptly dressed in smuggling attire) played maritime themed music as the smuggling weekend drew to a close. 

Stranraer's Drum for Fun (photo Robert Conn)

RSPB volunteer and staff, Gill and Laura, taking part in the festivities (photo Robert Conn)

The next event at the Mull of Galloway is the National Whale and Dolphin Watch on Friday 29th of July at 1pm. Join RSPB and DGERC (Dumfries and Galloway Environmental Resource Centre) staff to learn more about the whales and dolphins in this area and hopefully spot some yourself!


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