Residential volunteering is your chance to have a break, try something new or get some experience for your CV. There are over 40 different places to stay and hundreds of things to do. We'll provide you with accommodation, new skills and some great memories. You can spend a week or more on a reserve and you can do it alone or bring a friend. Read the following stories from our residential volunteers at the Mull of Galloway this season:

“Each morning as I cycled to the Mull of Galloway, I would reach the hilltop and be greeted by the most magnificent view of the lighthouse and the reserve ahead of me- it was breathtaking!

Spending each day meeting new people and talking to them about wildlife was a really enjoyable, rewarding and worthwhile experience. I remember chatting to a young family about what wildlife they may see during their visit. An hour or so later someone touched me on the arm. It was the mother. “We saw the Puffins! Just where you said they would be!” She was grinning from ear to ear!

In my final hour of volunteering, I visited the Foghorn and looked out to sea, watching dozens of Manx Shearwaters glided past. Suddenly a Porpoise arched high and clear out of the water. What a lovely way to say goodbye!

Stephen, Charity organizer, London

Volunteers taking part in a Black Guillemot survey at Mull of Galloway 

Volunteering at the Mull of Galloway you may help out with butterfly surveys (photo Ailidh Reid)

 “I took the plunge as a Residential Volunteer, although I wasn’t entirely sure that this would be for me. Why? I’m no bird expert! Turns out, I didn’t need to worry! Under the guidance of the reserve staff, I built on my knowledge day-by-day and bit-by-bit. Engaging with visitors and seeing them leave with an enhanced appreciation of seabirds proved to be very rewarding.

I loved operating the live cliff-cameras to engage people with the nesting seabirds as they laid eggs and tended to their chicks. My favourite memory was guiding local school children with their arms outstretched (yes, me too!) pretending to be fulmars and soaring around the reserve. Unforgettable.”      

Dennis, retired, Newcastle

Building a paper mache cliff in the RSPB visitor centre (Laura Shearer)

Building bug hotels at the Mull of Galloway (photo Laura Shearer)

“This was my first time volunteering with the RSPB and as I headed north to Scotland’s most southerly point, I didn’t know what to expect but I was excited by the prospect!

After my induction, I was shown around the reserve and visitor centre. Then, it was down to work. I was amazed at how quickly I felt comfortable enough to talk to visitors about the nesting seabirds as well as identifying other birds and insects on the reserve. There was always something to do whether it was engaging with visitors, clearing overgrown pathways or repainting signs.

My favourite thing about the Mull of Galloway was the views of Luce Bay, the Isle of Man and Ireland. As a city boy it’s an image I will never forget!

I had a great time and the experience has inspired me to do more volunteering and learn more about our native wildlife as a result. Well worth it!”

David, Software developer, London

There is always something to smile about when volunteering at the Mull of Galloway! (photo Ailidh Reid)

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