Some beautiful orchids around at the Mull of Galloway. Here are a few snaps -

We think that they are mostly Northern Marsh Orchid, but some seem to have hybridised with Heath Spotted-Orchid to create these lighter coloured ones.

And here's a nice picture of our resident Rose Chafer beetles, which are hanging out along the southern slopes at the moment. As far as we know the Mull of Galloway is the only place in Scotland where you can see these.

We were glad to see that Charlie the razorbill chick survived last Friday's horrendous weather, and we also have lots of kittiwake chicks about the place, and one guillemot chick! The season is is full swing.

  • Lovely pics of Northern Marsh Orchid i believe. I have heard or read somewhere ( I cannot find anything on a websearch) that The Mull reserve also has Coral Root Orchid and Lesser Twayblade. do you know of these species ?