Next week will be my last week with the residential volunteers at the Mull of Galloway this year. After Lesley leaves I will have a month on my own before closing up for the year.

They have been a great bunch. Without exception, they have loved it up here, and their pleasure at being in such a beautiful, wild place, keeps me from ever taking it for granted. Thanks Lynne, Terry, Nick, Carol, Caroline, Eleanor, Steve, Jan, Joyce, Jenny, Jack, Daniel, Nigel, John, Roger, Pam, James and Lesley!

For anyone thinking about trying out residential volunteering  - come up to the Mull - it's great fun. Here are just some of the things volunteers did this year:

  1. Made sea monsters
  2. Surveyed seabirds
  3. Watched a rocket launch
  4. Saw kittiwakes hatching
  5. Spotted Risso's Dolphins
  6. Trapped moths
  7. Made beach mobiles
  8. Collected seaweed
  9. Alphabeticised pin-badges
  10. Counted butterflies
  11. Manned the fog-horn viewpont
  12. Got wind-blasted
  13. Got sunburnt
  14. Rescued a swallow (well actually that was me)
  15. Walked 10k for Kittiwakes

And who know's what 2012 will bring...