The willow patch at the Mull of Galloway has once again proven to be an attractive draw to migrating warblers. Goldcrest, willow warbler, chiffchaff and whitethroat have all been seen and heard singing melodiously among the scrub this week along with both robin and wren.


Goldcrest – photo credit: Rob Conn

On the heath, linnet and goldfinch continue to feed in busy flocks, constantly on the move from one patch to another whilst house martin and swallow swoop and swerve overhead. Twite, albeit a rare visitor to the reserve, have also been seen this week, feeding along the cliff tops while meadow pipit and rock pipit are commonly seen searching around tussocks for tasty insects to feed upon.


Linnet – photo credit: Philip Hickson

Raven, with their distinctive ‘cronking’ call, have been announcing their presence on the reserve and kestrel have been showing off their skill as precision flyers, hovering stationery against the wind whilst targeting bank vole or other small mammals.


Raven – photo credit: Rob Conn

Gannet remain in residence out on Big Scare. Harbour porpoise have been spotted on many occasions as have grey seal. Peregrine falcon has also been sighted along with shag, fulmar, great black-backed gull and herring gull.