At Mersehead, the Warden lives on the reserve and is going to try and keep you updated on the wonderful wildlife they see at Mersehead during their daily walk.

Mersehead Moments: Moth of the Week

At this time of year, the most numerous species of moth recorded at Mersehead after the Hebrew Character has been the Common Quaker. Very variable in colour, a single generation flies throughout March and April. The Powdered Quaker flies throughout April and May. The pale outer cross-line is relatively straight and faintly edged with light brown, with a row of black dots between the outer cross-line and kidney-mark.

Powdered Quaker (left) & Common Quaker (right). Photo credit: R.Flavelle

Two other Quakers have been recorded. The Small Quaker is obviously smaller than the other quakers making identification easy. The Twin-spotted Quaker has two black dots near the base of the wing which are usually diagnostic.

Twin-spotted Quaker. Photo credit: R.Flavelle

Rowena Flavelle, Warden