Recent sightings May 2019

May was a busy month, with some great sightings across the reserve, including osprey, ringed plover, little ringed plover, whimbrel, common sandpiper, garganey, stonechat and wheatear and a host of warblers. We’ll keep you updated on sightings are the summer progresses.

Osprey seen on 7th, 11th, 12th and 30th May

Sparrowhawk: 1 on 25th May

Buzzard: 1 on 12th May, 2 on 20th May

Great crested grebe: 11 on 13th May, 9 on 19th May

Pink-footed goose: 120 on 7th May

Greylag goose: 14 on 4th May

Canada goose: 6 on 12th May, 13 on 28th May

Shoveler: pair seen most days

Tufted duck: 25 on 11th May, 12 on 19th May, 12 on 31st May

Goldeneye: 8 on 9th May

Wigeon: 3 on 11th May

Gadwall 1 on 2nd May

Teal: 4 on 6th May

Garganey: seen a handful of times in the first half of the month

Water rail: 1 seen on 12th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd May

Little ringed plover: 1 on 17th May

Ringed plover: 1 on 13th May

Lapwing: 5 on 2nd May, 10 on 23rd May

Whimbrel: 1 on 2nd May

Curlew: 2 on 6th May

Snipe: 4 on 15th May, 3 on 18th May

Common sandpiper: 1 on 9th May

Oystercatcher: 2 on 3rd May, 5 on 11th May, 1 on 19th May, 5 on 24th May

Goosander: 2 on 2nd May, 1 on 27th May

Swift: 3 on 4th, 8 on 7th May and 40 on 20th May

Sand martin: 37 on 8th May, 21 on 29th May

Swallow 21 on 7th May, 6 on 21st May

House martin 15 on 14th May, 21 on 20th May

Wren: 11 on 9th May, 11 on 16th May, 8 on 20th May

Stonechat: 3 on 15th May

Wheatear: 1 on 15th May

Grasshopper warbler: 1 or 2 seen throughout the month

Sedge warbler: 14 on 13th May, 10 on 16th May, 8 on 20th May

Garden warbler: 5 on 9th and 16th May, 3 on 30th May, 1 or2 seen most other days

Blackcap: 8 on 9th and 30th May, 5 on 16th May

Chiffchaff: 1 on 9th, 11th and 29th May, 2 on 30th May

Willow warbler: 17 on 9th 16th May, 8 on 20th May, 11 on 30th May

Spotted flycatcher: 1 on 24th May

Goldcrest: 2 on 9th May, 1 on 20th May

Lesser redpoll: 5 on 9th May, 1 on 16th May, 2 on 23rd May

Linnet: 3 on 22nd May

Bullfinch: 2 on 6th May, 2 on 27th May

Treecreeper: 2 on 6th May, 1 on 16th May, 1 on 20th May

Reed bunting: 4 on 10th May, 2 on 16th May, 3 on 20th May, 1 on 30th May

Jay: 1 on 19th May

Raven: 1 on 21st May