So as soon as I hit the 'publish' button on the blog yesterday, the egrets proved me a liar - the great white egret is still around, visible from Fen Hide, and the little egrets - or at least one of them - are back on the Low Ground. In addition, a wood sandpiper was recorded from Fen Hide yesterday.

People sometimes ask 'Why don't you have such-and-such a bird on your year list, I had one here last week!' - the simple reason is that although they saw it, none of the staff did, and nobody told us! If you find a rarity, please let us know by one means or another; via ABZ, email, twitter, Facebook, put a record in the log-books (takes longer but we do collect the sheets in regularly) or just tell us! It makes keeping reserve records, and subsequently the Annual Bird Report (a copy is in the Visitor Centre, along with the Rarities of Strathbeg report), so much easier, and I speak as the one who wades through all the data trails to put it together!