We're getting closer to moving office!

Although this is exciting, it also means there will be a significant amount of disruption to our communications - the phone line will be moving before we do, and although we're shifting the answerphone with it, we may take slightly longer to get back to you as we'll be shifting a load of boxes and furniture.

Our internet connection will be moving as well, and all the computer equipment needs to be shifted, so we may be unable to use email at times, although we may have some form of connectivity at times. We'll generally be picking up our email, Facebook and Twitter messages from home after work, so again, if we don't get straight back to you, please bear with us.

We're not sure when things will be back to normal, but we'll endeavor to keep you informed!  Parking is likely to remain a problem, as the builders will still be on site, although moving across to overhaul the volunteer accommodation.

Suddenly it all feels real!

On the bird front, we've had quite a lot of sightings, including marsh harrier and short-eared owl. New birds are arriving all the time - sedge, willow and grasshopper warblers, whimbrel , common sandpiper, greenshank; little ringed plover was seen on 2 May, and the little gulls are back! A couple of smart male garganey were on the Starnafin pools yesterday.