We’re IN!!! Admittedly, we’re not completely sorted out yet, and there are some issues with communications still to be resolved, but we have desks and computers, and the last week has been a veritable storm of putting up shelves , unpacking boxes and finding a home for everything....when we’re not distracted by the view from the window, that is!

This is the view from the yard:

New office block – Richard Humpidge

The Visitor Centre isn’t finished yet, and will need to be officially signed off before it can be opened to the public – we’ll let you know here and through Facebook and Twitter when that happens.

Out on the reserve, spring is finally here! After the last week of glorious weather, Mosstown Marsh is in full bloom, with more marsh marigolds than we’ve ever seen, lots of ladies’ smock, ragged robin and the gorse is in blossom – the ponies seem to be enjoying the gorse flowers in particular. The lesser butterfly orchids will be coming up soon, so we’ve tried to exclude the ponies from the area in which they grow, to prevent them getting nibbled. The new boys in the Konik herd are definitely getting frisky – if they step up to the mark, there should be even more foals next year to add to this year’s recent arrivals; may I introduce (from left to right) Dustin, Damsel and Drift, the class of ‘16! Two fillies and one colt, born over the last four weeks, they bring our herd to a total of 33 animals.

New Konik foals – Richard Humpidge

Common cranes and snipe have been seen using the area. Cuckoos, wood sandpipers and a knot have been seen and we’ve also had reports of a long-eared owl over the summer path to Fen hide and a red-backed shrike on the airfield (although sadly not seen on the reserve!). We’re watching out for more waders, and for signs of new arrivals amongst the ducks – the mute swans outside Starnafin already have cygnets. The common terns are settling in nicely on Starnafin Island, and some of the black-headed gulls are on eggs.

We’d like to welcome our new Assistant Warden, Amelie Sumpter, to the team; she’s already making her mark on the large amount of fencing we’ll be doing over this year, and is a dab hand with an electric drill, as can be seen by her work in the new office. Our interns for this year will be starting soon, having been put back a bit by the delays on the buildings – we’ll introduce everyone when they finally arrive.