Hello everyone! Having started 2 months ago, I thought it was about time I introduced myself! I’m Sally, one of the reserve Interns, and I’ll be living and working here at the Loch of Strathbeg right through until the end of the year.

Having started life at Strathbeg as a local volunteer last autumn I’m excited to see what more the reserve has to offer throughout the spring and summer months!

So far we’ve been doing a lot of practical work with fencing, pathing and the construction of the new tern platform at Loch Spynie. However, with the arrival of spring (at long last!) and finer weather comes the start of survey season! 

Construction of the new tern platform at Loch Spynie, photo: Lorna Dow


Already we have started our annual tree sparrow survey, breeding duck survey and wader walks with seabird season fast approaching! I am super excited about getting out to the cliffs for the colony counts as I have a particular interest in the coastal environment.

In addition to this I am also very keen on moth trapping and look forward to starting the butterfly transects soon!

Hebrew character moths just before release, photo: Sally Dunbar

With all this to look forward to it’s sure to be a busy year ahead but I’m excited to get stuck in!

Koniks at Strathbeg sunbathing, photo: Sally Dunbar

Sally Dunbar, Reserves Intern.