Recently on the reserve we were joined by 23 eager volunteers from BP. They joined us for a day to help with various projects around the visitor centre and in the wildlife garden. Once split into four different groups each was given a task to complete and assigned an RSPB member of staff or volunteer to lead them.

The first group led by Sarah was put to work in the wildlife garden. The jobs that needed done were to move and upgrade a bug hotel, relocate a compost bin and construct a trellis for a large honeysuckle plant that was already in the garden but had nothing to grow on.

Constructing the new trellis in the wildlife garden, Image – Lorna Dow

The second group was tasked with upgrading a section of path in the woodland next to the visitor centre and was led by myself (Katie). We are hoping to eventually get this whole section of path more pushchair and wheelchair accessible. This means we have to widen the existing path to a minimum of 1.2 metres and give it a more solid and even surface.

Upgrading the path in the woodland, Image – Lorna Dow

The third and fourth group led by RSPB volunteers Cameron and James were both given the task of filling in the numerous potholes on the visitor centre track. This was a large job involving the movement of a very large amount of hardcore and because of this it was thought best to have two teams working on it.

The track team getting their instructions for the day, Image – Lorna Dow

In the end each team completed all the tasks they were given to a very high standard. We have a greatly improved bug hotel and a brand new trellis in the wildlife garden. The entrance track to the visitor centre is now pothole free and a section of the path next to the visitor centre is now more easily accessible to pushchairs and wheelchairs.

We are very grateful for all the help from the guys at BP, they did a great job and they were a pleasure to work with.

The relocated and upgraded bug hotel, Image – Lorna Dow

All the team from BP who did a great job helping us out for the day, Image – Lorna Dow

Planting for the future - RSPB volunteer Cameron standing in a hole, Image – Lorna Dow


Katie Bell

Assistant Warden