What’s the collective noun for a group of Konik ponies? I am not sure, but this spring/summer has certainly seen a veritable haul of ponies welcomed onto the reserve. Our herd number has bloomed from 32 to 39, with seven healthy foals born between March and July.

Three of the new arrivals in the Starnafin group. (Photo: Sarah Bedford)

Six colts and one filly can now call the Loch of Strathbeg their home. The biggest group of foals were born to the family on Starnafin Pools. The stallion in that group, Birch, fathered five foals from five mares...not bad going, Birch!

Birch looking pleased with himself. (Photo: Sarah Bedford)

Following previous years’ patterns, the foals continue to be named alphabetically. This year the foals’ names all begin with the letter E, and have been christened Erobus, Effie, Ebb, Esk, Echo and Eyebright. The final foal, born just last week, has yet to be named, but you can guarantee it will begin with an E!

The newest member of the head, as yet unnamed. (Photo: Sarah Bedford)

The Konik herd continues to be invaluable in grazing the wetter areas of the reserve to provide an improved habitat for wading birds. It’s great news that herd has grown so healthily...now it’s time for them to get to work and start grazing!

Sarah Bedford – Intern, North East Scotland Reserves