From the 17th to the 28th of March we will have a contractor on site working on some of the channels and ditches. This is necessary maintenance work to allow the flow of water through the site. We do apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. And if you have any questions please just get in touch. But here is a quick explanation to the work we are doing.

Kinnordy is a nutrient rich, shallow loch and wetland surrounded farmland. As it is located in a geological basin water will naturally pool here. The reserve covers 90 hectares of wetland habitat, incorporating a mosaic of features including open water, mire and fen woodland.  These wetland habitats are becoming more and more threatened across the globe. Kinnordy itself is one of the last lochs of its kind in Angus. As we are seeing more and more frequently it is crucial that we have natural areas in which water can flood. Both for the species that live there but also for ourselves. By allowing water to flood at Kinnordy it reduces flooding in neighbouring landscapes.

As you may have noticed we have a sluice at the Kirriemuir end of the Loch (it is under the bridge) and we use this to control water levels. In the summer the sluice is closed, this allows us to build up the water levels so that there is plenty of open water for our breeding wildfowl. In the winter we open the sluice which then allows the water to drain, opening up muddy areas, perfect for wintering birds.

By keeping channels and ditches at Kinnordy opened and clear it allows us to control the water. This can then maintain both healthy habitats, for those wonderful species we see at Kinnordy, and also manageable water levels.