What a week for raptors at Kinnordy. We've had the return of the marsh harriers and the osprey, frequent sightings of red kites, a sparrowhawk over the car park and a peregrine outside swamp hide!

These photos by Ted Logan show the male and female harrier over the reedbed.

The first osprey that has returned to Kinnordy in 2017 is a familiar bird! She was frequently seen hunting over the Loch last year. We know it is the same bird because of the white ring on her left leg. We also know that the bird hatched in 2010 near Tain in the Highlands.  Thank you to Ted Logan for the photo clearly showing the white LN leg ring.

The female marsh harrier doesn't like the look of the red kite! Thank you to Sheila Newcombe for this fantastic photo.