January, like December, has been a good month for birds at loch of Kinnordy however the same cannot be said for the Gullery hide. A theft has resulted in someone gaining a white board of recent sightings, handles and plyboard for their own building project. Very disappointing showing even a place like Kinnordy can be affected by the less attractive side of human nature. On the other hand I would like to thank the member or members of public that are helping out with the feeding of birds at Kinnordy, showing me how the majority of people really feel about this site. I would also like the people taking the time and expense to feed the birds to contact me to see what I can do and any changes that can be made to the feeding station area.

Back to the bird sightings; the Smew is still on site and I had fun watching it try to join in with the displaying male Goldeneyes. There have been regular sightings of a Scuap and thanks to Gus Guthrie for the photograph below of a bearded tit perched in Kinnordy’s reedbeds.

There are still good numbers of Whooper swans, Teal, Wigeon and Greylag and sightings of the visiting Bittern were still being recorded during January. I have also seen redwing and Brambling while passing the feeding station.

  • Thank You for your update.   Whilst staying in Forfar last year to visit SWT Balgavies I was told to visit Loch of Kinnordy in the hope that I might see Ospreys there, and sure enough after a few visits I got to see an Osprey fish for the first time after 3 years of visiting many Osprey Centres in Scotland and England.    

    This is a wonderful reserve, there was so much to observe from it, we watched Marsh Harrier's on each visit there.   So in April we shall be in Forfar again, and cannot wait to visit.   It is a gem of a place!