Some jobs are better than others, some jobs just need to be done. Cleaning out the trays and nets from pond dipping reminded me of cleaning the hamster’s cage on a Saturday morning when I was wee. Pond dipping had been popular at the weekend and the trays were dripping with green weed.

When I slotted the trays back into place I realised that I had walked by ponds, directed people to ponds and given out nets for ponds but had not really spent any time at a pond myself. To put the record straight I sat by a sunny pond at lunch time. At first not much happened, my vision captured by the green green of the pond weed. But then over my left shoulder I saw a dragonfly hover. Strong transparent wings shone in the sun. I knew that the adult life span of a dragon fly could be five weeks or less and that some only live for a few days. For that precious time they shimmer and bring translucent beauty to water, as well as doing everything else that they need to do.  In Japan dragon flies are revered as symbols of courage, strength and happiness. Sounds good to me.