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  • Hi Mary, I believe and hope that it will be possible for me to visit the area this summer, I expect current restrictions to be eased in next weeks and I might be allowed to pass the border without being quarantined at return.

    Thank you for mentioning the return of Blue YD, I  had right now a quick read of the Balgavies Loch thread and enjoyed wonderful pictures posted.

  • Good luck Roberto, hope you manage to visit the area.

    Kind regards, 


  • As Tiger reports above, Blue 014(18)f has been reported as breeding at Pont Croesor,Glaslyn Valley, with Blue Z2(17)m Aeron from Dyfi, the first season for the young pair together.

    Poole's report, here

    Aeron has already been doing the rounds in Wales:  31 March he landed on the Glaslyn nest while Mrs G was incubating, and Aran was on the perch with a huge fish.  Glaslyn commented that  "Aran's patience went, or the fish was small enough for him to manoeuvre easily, and he flew at the nest seeing Aeron off.  He returned to the nest to give Mrs G the fish, and then went in chase of Blue Z17(17)m Aeron"   He was on the nest for over an hour with no real animosity.

    On 1 April Aeron landed on the Clywedog nest and made himself at home there too!

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018