Daily Update (LG Nest) Sunday, 21st August 2011

So the season extends by yet another day. One wonders if Bynack or Odin will fly away today. The only way to find out is to follow the thread.

There were 316 posts made yesterday.

How long will we have to wonder where Tore is? Is she in France? Is she heading for the sturgeon farm?

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  • A nail-biting day for some; just another day in the life of ospreys for the birds, Tiger!

  • In reply to Daisy Ray:

    At the risk of getting a slap for pressuring the busy centre staff, I am disappointed and upset that we have no idea where Tore is and are now entering the third day of no news :'(

    I wonder if there's any way of finding out why times are not included in GE?

    I do hope that Bynack leaves today.  It's very hard sharing his loneliness and puzzlement.

    And thank you for starting us off yet again, TIGER :-)

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  • In reply to scylla:

    Scylla  I feel sure that the times were available in 2009. I certainly put pins in Mallachie's route marking the last point of the day and the time. Things must have changed.

    I feel that Tore is probably in France now.


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  • In reply to Tiger:

    I seem to think there were too Tiger. Perhaps it's an oversight and will be added on soon.

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  • In reply to Tiger:

    It would be great to find that she is visiting her big brother's  (sister's)  favorite place at the Sturgeon farm :)

    She of course would not recognize Rothes.   Maybe Rothes could show Tore the  best  fishing  sites :)  

    Ah we can dream

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  • In reply to Barbara:

    It's a good dream, Barbara.  :))))))))

  • In reply to Daisy Ray:

    Sheila  asked about what time of day ospreys start their migration. obviously it is quite hard to say unless they are tracked. When on migration they do tend to get going quite early each day but are affected by the weather.  I think that in general they do tend to start migration before noon but like everything else it is variable.

    Maybe someone might like to trawl through the records of all the birds that have been tracked and see if there is a pattern to when migration started.

    It does seem that Tore took off after she ate that fish. I would really like to know the time of that point where she was near Loch Morlich.

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  • In reply to Tiger:

    Tiger, please can you say what happened to the injured peregrine from the Netherlands?

  • In reply to Daisy Ray:

    Evening/morning all:  So. No word on Tore's whereabouts? I remember in 2009 that we were able to follow Rothes and Mallachie's adventures (that's right isn't it?) as soon as they left.

    Thanks Tiger - again.  I don't mind starting the thread; it's just that there are so many more (talented too!) people on the Daily Update this year it's often started before I tune in in the evening our time (all to the good though)  :-)

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette, 'scuse me if I'm misunderstanding you, but we are following Tore in Google Earth - it's just that she hasn't been updated since the 18th, when she apparently ended up in the sea off Holyhead, north Wales!!!  Well, that was as far as her yellow line went, it seems that only one batch of data has been recorded.  Can't wait for the line to extend later today :-)



    Holyhead is where a busy ferry service to/from Ireland is based.

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