Continued from March/April 2024

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This season so far

31 March Blue LJ2 returns

1 April Blue 372 briefly visits, 6 April Blue 372 returns and stays

Sadly, Blue LM6 has not returned

Eggs laid

#1 April 23 - 17.40, #2 April 26 - 19.28, #3 April 29 - 15.46

All captures and videos ©️NWWT, Welsh Water, Brenig Osprey Project

April saw Blue LJ2 (18) pair with a new female, Blue 372 (21), with his first mate, Blue LM6 (18) sadly not returning this year. They raised 2 chicks in 2022 and 2023 and had formed a good partnership.

As a 3 year old, this is Blue 372’s first year of breeding. She was translocated to Poole Harbour in 2021 from a Scottish nest. She returned in 2023 and teamed up with Blue 416. They actually intruded at Llyn Brenig then and found themselves a nest elsewhere on private land in Wales. However, this year, Blue 372 chose the Llyn Brenig nest and LJ2 as her mate. Blue 416 did intrude here and try to take Blue 372 back. She stuck to her choice though and Blue LJ2 courted her and they became a couple. A lot of new experiences for Blue 372 this year but she is handling everything well and still doing her own thing ie catching fish if need be!

  • You’re very welcome LAM. Yes, the two birds are bonding well. It’s all been a learning curve for 372 but she’s a quick learner and seems to be a strong bird. Hugging Fingers crossed for the rest of the season. Pray

  • Brenig Osprey Project posted this on FB earlier tonight about the fish 372 caught yesterday. Her second since she’s started laying.

    13.54 Looks like 372 has gone and got herself another fish! (She caught one before on the day after she laid her first egg.)

    Link to BrenigOspreyProjectFB There is a wee video of 372 arriving at the nest with her fish. 

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • May 2

    Good morning. 372 had a reasonably peaceful night on the nest. She woke to a brief noise on the nest perch at 02.01 and LJ2’s wing tips could be seen having a flap. 372 looked over for a minute or so then settled down again.

    03.24 she left for a comfort break.

    03.25 returning just under a minute later, first landing on the nest perch then flying up to the nest.

    04.24 LJ2 flew up from the nest perch. He made a couple of soft contact chirps.

    He walked to the nest cup and stood beside 372 for a short while but she wasn’t ready to leave so he flew off at 04.28, landing on the tower perch to do some preening.

    05.09 He was there for over half an hour.

    06.00 LJ2 came to the nest again with a couple of contact chirps on arrival.

    372 wanted to leave this time and got up straight away.

    06.01 LJ2 rolled the eggs

    and began incubation.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 06.40 372 on the tower perch. It’s very foggy this morning.

    A few more incubation changes.




    09.09 and 372 is currently on the eggs.

  • Good to see KA5 Roli, the Llyn Brenig 2019 son of Blue 24 and HR7 who dropped in to Llyn Clywedog for a visit around midday. 5F Seren was NOT pleased to see him. He reportedly went on to visit Dyfi later. Image (c) NRW

  • Aw. Lovely news AG, thanks for posting. Hugging

  • The pair continued swapping places on the nest during the morning.



    10.24 372 was fish calling when LJ2 arrived

    He didn’t bring her anything. She gave him an earful then left the nest.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 10.26 LJ2 on the eggs

    11.12 He saw something and got up calling

    11.12 He shuffled backwards calling, looking like he’s seen 372. He then flies off.

    11.13 but returns just under a minute later.

    12.02 LJ2 is still there

    12.53 LJ2 does some tidying around the eggs.

    13.48 LJ2 has been sitting the eggs for over 3 hours.

    14.12 It makes me wonder why and of course, here she comes, flying up from the nest perch with a headless fish.

    It’s role reversal here. LJ2 is excitedly calling to get the fish as he goes to meet 372.

    And a fine fish it is. 

    LJ2 flies off with the fish still held in his beak.

    14.13 372 settles on her eggs and wipes her beak on the piece of bark in front of her. 

    This is going to be an interesting season!

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 15.45 LJ2 returns to the nest, empty taloned. None left for 372.

    15.46 372 flies off

    and LJ2 back to egg sitting.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP