Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 28 April 2024


I hope everyone has a good week.

Folks in my area are excited because the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds are arriving back from migration. Everyone is cleaning their feeders and preparing the birds' food. They are revered here.

My neighbor saw the old patriarch White-Tailed Deer buck in the woods. He said the old fella was turning grey. I hadn't seen him for awhile. I think the noisy music and motorcycles at the Pub bother him, so he's staying deeper in the forest.

Love and hugs to you all!

  • Thanks as always Diane for starting us off. Do you have any idea how old the buck would be?

    I have loved all the photos and posts but just not had time or much to report other than to say I am fed up with the cold and wet weather. I started fence painting 2 weeks ago and its still not finished! Next week looks a bit better - fingers crossed.

  • Thank you Diane. I looked up the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. What a pretty little bird. I too would be cleaning my feeders and getting ready for them if we had them here. 
    My plan for today is to put some of the finished bulbs which were in pots into the ground today. 
    Did I tell you that my gas boiler has leaked AGAIN!!!!!!! I discovered it yesterday when I went into the garage which is where it is located. This is the 3rd time. British Gas are coming out again this afternoon in theory. (Thank goodness I have a contract) Either my boiler is on its way out or the engineers never quite fix it. I suspect it might be the latter. 

  • Wonderful news regarding the  Ruby Throated Humming birds Diane.  How I understand the old patriarch White Tailed  Deer. I'd stay deeper in the forest too. Here, it's been rain, sleet, snow and very strong winds making it difficult for our returned Ospreys. What they have had to put up with. !  Hope you are doing well yourself . I wonder about your sleeping wasps/bees (?) being eaten in their sleep by the  Cardinal (?) Hope nature in your neck of the woods is going well.

  • DIANE  Thank you, how nice to hear about the humming birds.  A friend of mine has just returned from Trinidad and Tobago and the highlight of their trip was at a cafe where they put out food for the humming birds.  

  • Well, the gas man has been. Obviously very experienced. Not the same problem as last time when water was obviously inside the boiler where it had leaked. In fact he couldn’t tell where the water had come from!!! The boiler is fine, so it will remain a mystery!!!

    Beautiful afternoon so after my bulb rearranging this morning, I have cut the grass. 

  • Thank you for starting us off, Diane. I hope you're feeling better. Love hummingbirds.

    Its been mixed weather here today - grey skies alternating  with bright spring sunshine. The bluebells are out - ours are the foreign interlopers, not the real native ones under the trees in the woods. We did an hours gardening this morning  pruning, removing things which have died during the winter, and weeding.

  • I seem to have become a lurker - sorry about that.

    Thanks as ever to DIANE, I hope that the pneumonia has left you...

    I'm up to date with all the posts, cannot make individual replies but sending kind regards to you all. Just one thing - I seem to remember that hummingbirds are attracted to the colour red ?

  • Heather.  Great to hear from you. Glad you are following. Is the reason you can’t  reply down to still not having full use of your wrist? Hope you are having physio to help. 
    I am off to French now. The lady who is taking the session has sent us lots of pictures of monuments and statues with no explanation as to what the subject will be or what we are expected to talk about!!! Could be a challenge! 

  • Hi everyone, not been on for a while, what with doing extra on my cpap machine and other things haven't had time.   Unfortunately it has broken down and trying to get in touch with the hospital at Leicester but they said they would ring me back and still haven't done so.   Will try again tomorrow.

    Thank you Diane for again starting us off.   So pleased to hear the humming birds are returning.   I remember watching the nest of Phoebe some time ago, I think it was in Australia.

    Not a lot has been happening although I did go to the rugby with my dau the other Saturday when Saints were at home (in memory of Ray, once a year) and it was a cracking game. Old rivals Leicester were our opponents. We managed a win at 40 - 17.   Dau has managed to get tickets to see Sister Act which is coming to Northampton in June so am looking forward to that.

    Wonder how the weather will progress this year.   Wet winter and spring with intermittant days of dry sunny weather.  Still waiting to have Broadband only connected but have been told, after ringing BT, that work will be done on the 2nd May, so here's hoping.

    Hope all are keeping well, going for Covid booster on May 11th, thankfully at our doctor's surgery.   Keep smiling through.