Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 18 February 2024


I hope everyone has a good week.

I left a long post about the format change at the end of last week's thread. It may or may not answer some questions. I was just trying to help.

My area had a big snowstorm yesterday. My patch got 6 inches of drifting snow and ice. I felt sorry for the male red cardinal. He huddled under his old nest at the end of my enclosed porch. Poor fella had ice in his feathers. He was all fluffed up trying to stay warm. I fought the urge to let him in for awhile.

Love and hugs to everyone!

  • Thank you for the new week Diane. Oh. Poor red cardinal. I hope you are warm and cosy. Surely spring must be on its way? I have tête à têtes flowering in a pot by the front door which is most encouraging.

    Tiger - I like the word pagination. If it is the thing you clicked on to go through page by page then it is a good word and I agree with you. Many of us need to go back and catch up. I suppose we will the hang of clicking and scrolling that tiny icon thing. It seems to be a step backwards IMO. 

  • Well I haven't get a clue so doubt I will be on here for a while.  Why change the last system which seemed so simple.

  • I was looking forward to posting more regularly but it seems unlikely, now.

  • Thank you Diane and hope the snow doesn't linger. You have had such a range of weather lately.

    Here is Suffolk it is very soggy and will stay like that for a while. I will still have to venture out to Church and I am walking as I madly signed up for a Cafod challenge for Lent to walk 200KM over 40 days. I am ahead by about a day as I had a good couple of days last week when the weather was lovely - 8KM on Friday.

    I think they are still tweaking this site as it looks better today.

    Have a good week all

  • Here is Diane's helpful last weeks post, may help

    Hi, folks.

    There is only one way to keep our posts in chronological order.

    You must click "Reply" ONLY on the first post in the thread (my post that starts the thread). If you do that, your post will properly go to the end of the thread. All new posts will stay in order, according to the time they were posted--just like before the new format was installed.  You can just check the end of the thread to see the day's posts.

    However, if you click "Reply" at the end of anyone else's post, THEN your post is going to stay with that one. If I click "Reply" on a post made by Rusty, then my post is going to stay with Rusty's post, because it's an individual reply. It's not going to go to the end of the thread and appear in chronological order. That's why you have indented, narrow posts scattered and buried out of order in the thread.

    So, when you want to write a post, click "Reply" ONLY on the first post in the thread. When you finish writing, your post will go to the end of the thread in perfect order.

    Within your post, you can still list people's names and make comments to each of them, just like we always have.

    I hope this makes sense.

  • Thanks, Diane for your post about format change(grr). I’m just trying it out now. Hope it works.

  • Looks like it has worked. Well done for working it out. Only hope they do reinstate the page numbers.

  • Hello everyone.  I'm sorry it takes a panic. for me to be posting here again.  I do pop in now and again to catch up on old friends.

    Blimey, this change reminds me of the terrible time we had years ago. I hope I get to understand what's what!!  I couldn't see how to write at the bottom of the thread, rather than reply to an individual one.  So I'm trying this - replying to Diane's initial post.  By doing this I now have an 'edit', an 'insert', a 'format' option, 'tables' 'tools and bullets.  Whether this will go at the foot of Diane's post or at the foot of the thread!  I'll just see how it goes!

  • Ah ha!  Here I am again!  Perhaps it will just take me time, and a 'need to know' basis!!

  • Do we still have to refresh to get further updates, or will it happen automatically?