Poole Harbour Ospreys 2024

Well, it's now 2024 and hopefully another successful year for the Poole Harbour Ospreys.

The last couple of years have seen the successful establishment of a nest and raising of young.  

Translocated females From the harbour have set up successful nests in Wales also raising young.

Hopefully this year may see the establishment of a second nest in the Harbour area.

Click  Here  for a link to the 2023 thread.

Here was the family last year

I hope Alison Copland won't mind but here is a link to a video she has made of the 2023 season. It is a must watch for followers of Ospreys, especially the Poole harbour family

Click HERE to watch 

Richard B

  • Oh my goodness, Richard, the Poole Harbour females certainly like Wales! Wink

  • Tawny was back for another visit tonight, this time CJ7 was well aware!

  • Richard G B said:

    Well what can I say apart from it's starting to get silly now.

    5H1, the first wild bred Poole Osprey to return to Poole Harbour has reappeared on a nest, the problem is that it's not in Poole, in fact it's not even in England.

    Yes, you guessed it, she's in Wales appearing on a nest in the Usk Valley.


    Just because it shouldn't be BOPS'd !!!

    Thank you, Richard, but it's not what we want!  Still, I suppose it's what she wants that counts.


  • Hawk Willow said:
    Tawny was back for another visit tonight, this time CJ7 was well aware!

    Thank you, Hawk Willow Hugging   They are so cute but so unwelcome!


  • What a gal. A real beauty. Thanks Richard/Scylla

  • .

    Just checking thru the cams - I see on Chat someone remarking that on their large monitor one of the eggs has a small piece of shell missing.  I just recorded CJ7 turning the eggs, don't know if anything can be seen here:


  • Great close-up Scylla but I couldn't see any holes!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • .

    Thanks for looking, both :)))

    I've been thru the nighttime so far and could find no sign of the "missing shell" - I found one minuscule possibility of a pip starting but this was the only shot - I was only able to ascertain that it wasn't "straw" behind the egg.


  • Soon?? Heart eyes