LLYN BRENIG - AUGUST 2023 to end of FEBRUARY 2024

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LJ2 returned 31 March 2023

LM6 returned 4 April 2023

Egg No.1 laid 20 April - Hatched 27 May (37 days)

Egg No. 2 laid 23 April - Hatched 29 May (36 days) 

Egg No. 3 laid 26 April - Hatched 1 June (37 days) Sadly, passed away on 3rd June. Purple heart

Chicks ringed 7 July

No. 1 - 7B5  42 days old (Female) 1755g

No. 2 - 7B6  40 days old  (Female) 1730g 

Chicks named 17 July after Brenig FB vote 

7B5 - Dilys ( Meaning perfect, true, reliable)

7B6 - Mari (Meaning Star of the Sea) (Thank you Sandra for finding out the meanings of these beautiful Welsh names) 

Chicks fledged 23 July

Mari first, (16.22) followed by big sister, Dilys 4 minutes later. (16.26) (55 and 57 days old respectively) 

Today 1 August - Dilys is 66 days old and Mari is 64 days old.

It has been a wonderful month for this family. A plentiful supply of fish saw the chicks grow quickly into juvenile ospreys. As did the youngsters of last year, these two took turns to feed and with LM6 fishing as well now, they have often had a fish each at the same time. Mari, has turned out to be the faster developer of the two, practising fishing off various perches on 30 July (aged 63 days old) and on 31 July she started taking the fish off the nest to eat. 

The next few weeks will see Dilys and Mari practise and hone their skills in preparation for becoming independent birds and tackling their long migration ahead of them. 

Dilys and Mari at the beginning of the month

and now

LM6 and LJ2 getting some chill time together.

All captures and videos ©️ NWWT, Welsh Water, Brenig Osprey Project

  • What a wonderful OP Glider, thank you. Also for all your hard work so far reporting on this wonderful family - all very much appreciated.
  • Karen W said:
    What a wonderful OP Glider, thank you. Also for all your hard work so far reporting on this wonderful family - all very much appreciated.

    Hi Karen, you’re very welcome. So many milestones to report now! This really is a lovely nest to watch. Hugging

  • Tuesday 1 August

    Good morning Grinning Dilys slept overnight (standing) on the nest, left at 05.11 then returned to tackle the fish skin on the nest from last night.

    05.33 She did a wee dance about with the skin in her talons, chipping as she went!

    She jumped about

    over and back

    up and down

    It lasted for over half a minute.

    Was Dilys playing with the skin?! 

    05.34 Mari arrived a minute after Dilys’ initial landing 

    This prompted Dilys to start eating the skin.

    Mari watched as Dilys continued 



    Mari then left

    Dilys carried on, further stretching the skin into a more manageable shape to swallow

    She was able to swallow the ribbon of skin at 05.42.

    She feaked her beak.

    Went to the edge of the nest, made 3 short calls, another quick swipe of her beak against the sticks, waited a few seconds then flew off.

  • Both LJ2 and LM6 have been replenishing the nesting materials. These two have worked really hard maintaining and improving the nest this year.

    *I can see the difference to how the nest has grown from last year.

    06,35 LJ2 with some grasses.

    06.48 LM6 with a bulging branch

    *For reference - this is the nest on 1 August 2022

  • 08.28 Both chicks on the nest fish calling 

    08.48 Mari had left and Dilys was still there when LJ2 arrived with a fish.

    Dilys went to take it.

    08.48 Here comes Mari

    08.59 Dilys feeds watched by Mari

    09.00 Then LM6 arrives with a headless fish she’s caught.

    Mari looks over

    then turns away 

    09.02 LM6 goes beside Dilys to eat the fish.

    09.04 Mari soon comes over and LM6 starts feeding her.

    09.05 Mari then takes the fish to feed herself.

  • 09.21 The girls eating side by side

    09.33 Since Dilys started first, she filled up first and stepped off the fish.

    then flew off.

    09.55 Mari ate for a bit longer

    Then she secured her talons on the fish.

    09.56 And took off with it.

    10.01 LJ2 came to collect the fish Dilys left and lifted it with his beak

    and left still holding it there.

  • The nest has been pretty quiet today. The PTZ camera found the adult ospreys.

    08.36 LJ2 preparing his fish before taking it to the nest.

    09.28. LM6 



    15.27 Dilys joins LM6 on the nest. She asks for fish.

  • 16.58 Later Dilys returned to the nest. Looks like Mari on the perch. 

    17.06 Dilys decided to lie down and was soon calling for fish.

  • 17.32 LM6 flew in with a fish for Dilys.

    17.36 Mari came by

    She waited and watched for a few minutes then left at 17.39

    Dilys continued enjoying her feed. Mari returned again at 18.37

    19.02 She waited until Dilys was ready to leave the fish and step off.

    19.03 Mari stepped in and collected the fish.

    19.03 Dilys left the nest, flying to the perch as Mari began her feed.

  • 19.06 Mari decided to take the fish off nest to eat.

    19.32 LJ2 visited to do some tidying, Dilys came to the nest

    19.48 She appreciated his hard work and had a lie down on the soft bedding.

    20.42 Dilys was disturbed when LM6 arrived with more nesting materials.

    20.42 Mari then landed carrying a tiny wee piece of fish in her right talons.

    Looking good Mari

    20.44 Mari took the fish piece to the side of the nest to eat.

    20.45 It was a long piece of skin with tail attached. Mari then carried it to the other side of the nest next to LM6.

    Mari still struggled with the fish skin.

    20.47 She left it and flew off.

    20.47 LM6 took over watched by Dilys.