LLYN CLYWEDOG - July to End of 2022 Season

Information courtesy of John Williams:

5F Seren hatched at nest K, Rutland, from parents Red 08 (m) and Yellow 30 (f).  Chris Wood, who volunteers at the Rutland osprey project, has been following her for at least 7 years to Tanji Marsh in the Gambia.  She has been at this nest with Dylan since 2020, after suffering abandonment by bigamist Aran at Pont Croesor.

Dylan is unringed, he's been breeding at this nest since 2016, when he ousted dear Dai Dot.


CarnyxWild Wales YouTube Channel

The Clywedog Osprey Group (Facebook)


The chicks have been ringed this morning - early on, just the one showed us a ring - 553.

It didn't take long for a parent to return:


  • Camera back on - Ringing complete. I'll update this with the data when John publishes it.

    Thanks Scylla.

    UPDATE John has said it went very smoothly - he will provide the details around 12.30-100.

  • In reply to AG:

    Bringing forward your info re FISH, AG, then I'm packing up - and looking forward to seeing all the chicks' blings later.

    AG said:
    A US paper someone posted a link to said a nest needed to average 4 fish per day to be confident of successfully getting youngsters to fledging. Dylan has produced 143 fish in June, an average of 4.8 per day.


  • So here is the data

    553 Is female weighing 1710g at 40 days old
    554 is Male weighing 1485g (40 days old)
    555 is also male weighing 1410g (37 days old)

    The youngsters are recovering on the nest and 5F Seren is sitting on the top perch.
  • 13.45 all new bling on show as Dylan delivers a large, live and kicking brown trout.
  • Thanks for the info AG Good that they managed to ring the chicks Another nest with 1 female and 2 males
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    At 20:00 changeove - I think we can be sure that the chicks will be too heavy with water to fledge today


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    AG said:
    13.45 all new bling on show as Dylan delivers a large, live and kicking brown trout.

     Everyone got fed as much or as little as they wanted: