Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 June 2022


Please check back to last week's thread to view another installment of Lindy's descriptions and mesmerizing photos of her recent cruise. I've enjoyed them so much.

This week, the moon turns full on Tuesday, 14 June. It's the second of four consecutive supermoons, when the full moon of the month occurs as the moon is at or near perigee (its closest point to the Earth in its monthly orbit). If your skies are cloudy, you can watch the full moon rise online. Info is HERE at Space.com, a safe site.

I expect to have a lazy week myself, because Indiana will be part of the massive, record-breaking heat wave that's predicted to hit much of the U.S. My temperatures will be around 100F or 38C for several days, with high humidity. 

Take care, everyone. 

  • Diane:  Good Lord.  Good luck with those temps.  

    Lindybird:  Loved all the photos and Bergen looks so clean.  Thanks for the Grand Tour. Am still impressed by all that water.

    Speaking of water - or the lack thereof - the city sent out e-mails saying there's been an increase in coyote sightings around the neighborhoods, probably because of the drought, and to watch out for small pets and not to leave out anything that might attract the smaller critters the coyotes prey on.

    Well, my cheapo supermarket reading glasses have just fallen apart (while I'm sitting here typing). I'm really going to have to  spring for a real pair....   Off to dig out the superglue.....

  • Good Morning. Dry here and a bit cloudy. The winds of yesterday have stopped, and this week it's supposed to warm up to more 'normal' (what is that, in the UK?) temps. Nothing like Diane's, though! Keep safe and cool, Diane.

    Annette, those supermarket readers are a great invention. Hope you can get some more.

    Only one more instalment left of my odyssey. I'll try and put it on today.
  • DIANE – Thank you for starting us again. I cannot imagine 38 C plus high humidity. 38 is bad enough with dry heat. I shall divert some of our Antarctic winds towards you.

    LINDA – Aw, no. Only one more instalment? You will have to do another trip to keep me entertained!

    Dry here, overcast & chilly. Second batch of washing brought in from garage to finish drying – washing & us share the air con.

  • Lovely, AQ, thank you !
  • Annette - Obviously the day for super-glue! The strap on my left sandal came adrift as I walked towards church this morning. Fortunately there was an ankle strap - but the super-glue will come out this afternoon. It's held the right one together for a year or more - so hopefully it will work on the left as well! What did we used to do before super-glue???
  • .My reading glasses are held together with a bent paperclip !
  • Heather - Whatever works :)
  • Next Instalment:

    The following day, Wednesday 1st June, we arrived quietly in Shetland, Scotland. It looked a peaceful and 'happy with itself' place, and indeed, the people there turned out to be exactly that.

    A bit strange at first, to see no trees at all, but there are very few.

    We anchored this time, in the bay opposite Lerwick, as the dock could not take a big cruise ship, so anyone who went ashore had to brave getting into a small tender and being ferried ashore to a jetty.

  • View from our balcony of the island opposite.

    First views of Lerwick  which is the capital of the Shetland Isles. I have been watching a webcam which Diane told us about, years ago, regularly, and I was excited to go ashore and see it for myself. We had dry weather again, so were once again told that it had rained only yesterday!