Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 June 2022


I hope everyone has a joyful week. 

The Brood X cicadas were screaming today on my patch. About a week ago, I noticed some big holes at the bottom of my trees. Various critters dig holes in my yard, so I didn't think much about it. Since then, I've seen articles about some of last year's Brood X cicadas popping up this year. Apparently, some of the bugs, called "stragglers," decided to sleep in, and they're appearing this year instead of last year. In most cases, it's because our soil didn't warm up to the required 64 degrees Fahrenheit until too late to wake them up in 2021. So, some of the noisy screechers decided to hit their snooze alarm and climb out this year instead!

  • Thank you DIANE and welcome “home”. Persistent little critters in your patch!

    Lots of strong winds & rain last eve. Much banging & clattering from the neighbor’s fence; alas, it didn’t blow away. T’other neighbour hadn’t bothered to collect their wheelie bins from the kerb and they blew over with lids thudding. We are expecting a max of 13 C – I shall look at LINDA’s flowers to warm up.

  • HARELADY: I was so sorry to read about your recent health crisis. I hope the issue will resolve itself or the doctors can find the problem and treat it. I know crisis blood pressure is distressing. Sending you healing and strength. Enjoy your time with Luna and her Dad. 

    AQ: It's hot and sunny here. I'll send you some heat. 

  • Diane: Thank YOU. Sorry to hear the great vehicle hunt is still ongoing. :-( Hope there aren't too many stragglers popping up.

    Hope everyone else has a good week.
  • ANNETTE - No, no heat please. Just want those gusty winds to slow down. Our suburb has been lucky, roofs intact, trees upright and no flooding.
  • AQ; Not hot here - we had June Gloom today, but I gather some sunshine is on the way courtesy of Diane.
  • Good Morning, and Thank You to Diane for starting us off again (perhaps I'll know what day I'm on, now!)

    It's a bit grey & cloudy here, for the last day of our celebrations for our wonderful Queen's many years of service. Today there is to be a huge parade which looks to be pretty stunning in London, and over 16,000 street parties all over the UK. (There were many yesterday). I hope it stays dry for them.
  • Poppies to warm up AQ...

  • Good morning. Thanks Diane for starting us off and sorry about the “critters” - hope there aren’t too many. How odd that some come out the next year instead.
    Pouring down here. I feel very sorry for the people who are having street parties. Such a shame.
    I watched part of the concert at the Palace last night. It must have been amazing to be there.
    Talking of being there - LINDY - what a shame to miss your Jubilee dinner. We’re you seasick or, even worse, did you get the dreaded Covid again? I hope not on both counts. By the way, your poppies are wonderful. I hope they don’t get battered by the rain.
  • Diane: Interesting about the (dratted!) cicadas. Hope they don't keep you awake! I've got all my fingers crossed for you to find a suitable & reliable vehicle.

    OG and Family: Not had time to read back over more than a few days, but pleased to hear things are better for you, there. Hope that J can enjoy his job and his health improves.

    Rusty: Yes, a big shame if some of the celebrations are to be spoiled. One big event here is now being moved to Plan B, where it will all have to be indoors and of course the organisers realise that not as many will attend. I'm going to do the ironing and watch the Big Parade in London, on TV.

    More about my trip, today. I've deliberately not posted any pics yet as I decided to do the whole thing in date order, rather than random. If it's boring, just scroll!! But I know that some of you will want details. I've taken hundreds of pics (and not one of them has me in it, LOL!) Annoyingly, before we left, I dug out my fancy camera, not used for over 2 years due to the pandemic, only to find that I could not lay my hands on the charging gadget for it. At least it was simpler to just have my mobile phone to hand and nothing else to carry, so all my pictures were taken with that.