WEEKLY CHAT (Non-Osprey) SUNDAY, MAY 28 2022

Couldn't even get on the site earlier!  So slow.

Anyway, have a good week all!

  • Thank you for persevering, Annette. I think the site has been slower than ever for the past couple of weeks. It's quite hard work trying to post ...

    Rusty - Lovely pictures of the canal boat. My sister used to live in Cassiobury Park in Watford!

    Have a good week, everyone. I think there are some quite important events coming up in the next few days ...
  • ANNETTE – Thank you for starting us a new week. The site has been unbearably slow since about March. Could it be overloaded by webcam viewers? And another First-of-Month Slownerss is due, oh woe.

    I have been AWL for several days. My computer developed a message that said I had viruses; I was informed by an unknown security. When my own security checked, the other invaded screen telling me my subscription has expired. Really? Messages became darned annoying, so I switched off and invited Dau & Co to visit. Yesterday S-i-l ran lots of things, cleaned up ‘puter and he reckons it was just spam. I guess like the phone calls I get claiming I owe A---n $199.95 when I‘ve never used said A.

    I hate computers but I can’t live without. I had to clean out cupboards to fill in my day! BTW the Dau Visit was necessary for other reasons – Dau’s b-day gift (late), Twins b-day gifts (early) and my Mothers Day gift (late). I have scored chocs, book & 3 delightful homemade “cards” Latter with copious protests of love.

    Weather Man predicted dire weather late this arvo – thunderstorms, rain, gusty “tie everything down” winds. Earlier it was sunny with lovely fluffy clouds floating by, now (after 4 pm) it is overcast and do I hear thunder in the distance? Better post better the storm. . .

  • I agree with PAT, ANNETTE, and AQ, the site is really slow. However, I persevere. Your idea that lots of people are watching webcams is probably correct ANNETTE.
    Well, I had earmarked gardening for some of today but I have woken to some rather unexpected rain! Maybe it will clear.
  • Thank you, ANNETTE
    OG - glad that you three are settling into the new routine and have had a day out, with more planned.
    RUSTY - I love pootling along canals, 4 miles an hour . We had a couple of really good holidays doing just that. AQ- I did wo nder if you were OK - it's better to be cautious when it comes to computers etc. I do as you did if I'm at all suspicious.
    It's cold and damp here. Our local weather forecaster says that he feels as if he has slept through summer and woken up in November.
  • PatO: Whereabouts near the park did your sister? My friend lived on Rickmansworth Road, almost opposite to the lovely entrance (not there anymore thanks to 'progress') and I lived just 5 minutes from Hempstead Road (the library was my favorite escape....) The park was another lovely place to wander. I remember the bluebells in Whippendell Wood... caught tiddlers in the pond or was it the canal?? Made bows and arrows out of willow branches....
  • The rain cleared and the sun came out. I got my washing dried and my strawberries netted so I am pleased. (My iPad just tried to put “neutered” instead of “netted”) Ha ha!!!
  • Rusty - My sister used to live in Temple Close, which was a small cul-de-sac in those days. They then knocked down a couple of houses and cut through and made it much longer! They moved from there about fifteen years ago.. In those days my brother in law could hop over the back fence to get to the station ... don't think that would be possible now! Happy childhood memories for you - I know my niece and nephew learned to ride their bikes in Cassiobury Park.
  • PatO It's actually me (Annette) not Rusty who keeps banging on about Watford and Cassiobury Park!! :-))
  • Oops - sorry, Annette! See the answer above and please put your name at the beginning ...
  • Overnight here near the coast we had an inch of rain, more in city & even more in hills’ suburbs. Our suburb escaped the strong gusts. Obviously our garden is too soggy for weeding; instead I found the vacuum cleaner. <sigh> I have made bobotie for tea. It is a South African recipe adapted for our tastes – I omit the custard topping. Otherwise it is really meat loaf with slivered almonds, dried fruit & curry added to the mix. How many ways do I love thee, mince.