Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 May 2022

  • I see that on Sunday there is to be a grand finale at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. I do hope HM can attend.
  • Oh, thanks for that dibnlib. Wish I could send them all a hug!

    The sun came out here eventually, although it's still only about 14 degrees. It's been rather quiet in our garden which usually means that Mr/Mrs Sparrowhawk is around! Usually I can see & hear lots of activity as they're all busily nesting at the moment.

    That reminds me that I don't think I posted a pic of a dear Robin who came to see if we had any crumbs when we were in a garden centre having an outdoor coffee, in Wales.

  • In reply to dibnlib:

    dibnlib said:
    I see that on Sunday there is to be a grand finale at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. I do hope HM can attend.

    Yes, I saw an item about that. It looks lots of fun, and I'm sure HM would enjoy it- at least she could be watching sitting down.

  • Pretty poppies which set themselves in odd places all over our garden.

  • I’ve got those too LINDY. I call them Welsh poppies and they do indeed set themselves all over. I let them do their thing because I like them!!! I even have one growing right underneath the water butt!
    DIBNLIB - thank you for the information about OG and EE. I do hope they are able to access the extra help they would like.
  • It may be Friday the 13th but I’m not superstitious. So far it has been a good day, I had a long sleep overnight, pea & ham soup now in prep, some beautiful flowers & robin from LINDA. The sun is shining. OH had his flu jab yesterday, personally by our Doc. Another thing ticked off “my” list. Flu & covid jabs are free for elderlies.

    Big sister phoned to say her visiting Dau tested positive for covid the day before departure, then s-i-l and next my b-i-l. Another Dau & a neighbour are delivering supplies to front verandah. Sis sounded quite “down”, trying to isolate 4 people, she is sleeping on lounge. I shall phone her later today for a progress report. Such a shame they have both been so careful for past 2+ years.

    Next Door’s fence saga continues. There have been workmen past 2 days, yesterday there were voices and banging on fence nearest us. OH decided to ask workmen what is happening (it is our fence too) - they are straightening the fence!

  • Just a thought

    Friday the 13th is still better than Monday the whatever.

    Happy Friday the 13th! May all your irrational superstitions haunt you today.

    If a black cat crosses your path on Friday the 13th . . . pet the cat.

  • Evening all:

    dibnlib: Thanks for the update from OG and EE. Do hope they can find someone to help.

    Got a call from grandson today; totally excited about being offered a job with Cal-Fire - California's very high profile fire-fighting agency. He took a test before he could even apply, did well in that (a feat in itself) and was then eligible to apply for a position. He'll be a mechanic on the heavy equipment used to fight wildfires. The position in Nevada County, which covers an area in the Sierras west of Sacramento (the state capitol). He's thrilled beyond words. Not only that, he's just two hours away as I type from boarding a plane to Fiji for a vacation. He's worked hard so we're all pleased for him. Now I'd like to see my granddaughter enjoy similar success......
  • Good morning. It’s lovely and sunny here and I am going out to lunch with some former colleagues. We have booked an outside table at a local garden centre so I hope the sun continues to shine.
    AQ - Thank you for the update about your fence. I have to confess I had forgotten about that saga. Glad your OH got his flu jab but sorry about the covid in the family. I hope everyone recovers soon without feeling too ill.
    ANNETTE - what great news about your grandson. That sounds like a very responsible job. I hope he enjoys his vacation first.
    I see there is a wildfire south of LA which is destroying some mansions. I read that it might have been caused by a problem in the electricity wires.
    Ant update - at 3am this morning in the kitchen there was no sign of any ants!!! Thanks to those who recommended the lemon juice. I will dab it around again tonight so that they get the message.
  • Sorry have got you worried - first visit to my computer this week - just don't get around to doing stuff, and am way out of touch with the rest of the world. Things happening. Kitchen and Dining-room carpet was done Tuesday - big packing/repacking and cleaning effort around that - again I could only direct operations. Good to have someone actually come and do a promised job! New kitchen endpanel still to be fitted - awaiting a joiner - again. Interviewed new cleaners yesterday - seem promising - two ladies starting up a business together. Seem well thought out - and one loves ironing!!

    Thanks for all the kind thoughts - OG