Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 May 2022


I hope everyone has a joyful week! 

Please check back to read the posts at the end of last week's thread. Lindy has provided another lovely poem. 

Temperatures here are due to shift dramatically from cold to hot, beginning Monday. I just had a stern talk with myself, and I've vowed to find and buy a vehicle THIS WEEK. So, I may not be on this thread until I have four wheels parked in my driveway! 

The Black Vultures have not returned since R.T. Hawk and his mate not so politely asked them to leave. The Northern Cardinal pair is very busy completing their nest on the roof of the edge of my porch. The Pileated Woodpeckers are happily drilling on their tree on the creek levee. 

Take care, all!

  • DIANE – Thank you for starting us off and for the latest news of your bird neighbours. Good luck with your new wheels.

    Friday turned out to be a restful day as my car took 6 hours. I caught bus to small shopping centre nearby, found leggings for twins (their size most popular), browsed library, had 2-hour lunch with Friend, and sat & waited. Yesterday one load of washing, into garage as it rained. Kitchen progress - Everything I am keeping has been restored to kitchen cupboards with a pile in garage (of course) waiting for next hard rubbish collection. Two nights of decent sleep (5 hours) has revived my energy.

    It is Mother’s Day DownUnder. I wish all mothers & g-mothers wherever a Happy Mothers Day.

  • Just a thought

    Life doesn't come with a manual. It comes with a mother.

    If at first you don't succeed, try doing it the way Mum told you to in the beginning.

    Mums are like buttons — they hold everything in life together.

    Nothing is really lost until your Mum can't find it.


    Thank you to Diane for starting us off again. Your birdie neighbours all sound to be thriving. Glad the Black Vultures are gone, though!

    Good Luck in your search for new wheels. I suppose the Internet must help.

    AQ - You now have very clean cupboards & sound as if its been a clear out, too! Always a good thing.

    Last month the farmer spread awful manure on the fields behind our house. Thankfully, the dreadful smell gradually abated. But yesterday he was back - and its beyond awful! We had to shut all the windows. This morning I was hoping that yesterday's rain might have washed some of it into the ground or something but NO! It's worse! Aaargh! Makes me nauseous.

  • LINDY - muck spreading - yuk!!! Necessary I suppose but it must be horrid just behind your house. Could you have a trip out to some nice gardens or something to get away from it?
    AQ - happy Aussie Mothers Day
    DIANE - thanks for starting us off. I love cardinals. I see them on a bird feeder I follow in NE USA. Good luck with the vehicle hunt. Making a decision is always so difficult.
    Still thinking about OG and EE and hoping they are doing OK.
    It’s a bit dull here today. I am just about to go to an Artisan Market which is visiting a nearby town. It will be interesting to see what stalls there are. If there is an earring one - I am sure I will be tempted!!
  • Cygnets at the uni today.....hoorah.
  • Thank You Diane for starting the week again. I love to hear about all the critters on your patch.

    I hope you will find a suitable vehicle soon.

    Ive been busy with work and yesterday (Saturday) had Son, Jonathan and his 2 Children, James almost 5 and Lily 2, arrive from South East London.

    They had dropped Emily, partmer and mum in Norfolk to have a long postponed girlie reunion.

    Unfortunately it had rained for most of the morning here in East Suffolk but we manged to get out in the afternoon to have a romp on the beach at Thorpeness and then fish and chips for dinner.

    Today we were all up early and had fun at our local Victory Park where the slide was very fast and Lily went far beyond the end but loved it and went back for more.

    They are now headed back to SE London and I will see them againin 2 weeks for my Son's 41th and James 5th Bithdays.

    As always I do so love reading all your news and think this group is wonderful and long may it continue!

    Have a good week all and stay well.

  • Thanks Diane Hope you find what you want quickly.
  • Ergh! Couldn't go out as suggested, to escape the pong, but we needed to get on with gardening today so I donned a mental clothespeg on my nose and battled on.

    Surprised by finding a poppy about to open already, which just shows that you should explore the garden every day. It's earlier than last year, I'm sure. My OH trimmed off the top of the hedge with his cordless trimmer, whilst I pulled endless weedy bits of grass & other things - those sticky weeds seem extra vigorous this year. Then I emptied a long trough which is against the house but it had become full of near dead plants and rubbish. Then replanted it with some things I bought recently. I seem to be an impulsive plant buyer these days and have got a new red clematis to find a home for too - might pop out later and put that in if OH and I can agree where it needs to go.

    Harelady - glad you feel at home here-- the chat ranges far and wide! Sounds as if you had a wonderful time with your family. They are little for such a short time sadly, so it's great to see their glee in a playground :-)
  • Good Morning. Light cloud here today, and our heating turned itself on before we got up, so it must have been low temps.

    Playing catchup with my ever growing To Do List this week. My OH will be busy at the allotment so will be out of my hair for some of the time! He was pleased to come 3rd last Friday in a veterans golf competition, out of about 47.