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Laddie (LM12) and NC0 have continued their excellent partnership from last season, not only with the incubation of their three beautiful eggs but also in defending the nest, and area, from intruding Ospreys.

During the middle of this month, all being well, we will witness three gorgeous chicks hatching and being lovingly cared for by their wonderful parents. Here’s hoping that fine weather, abundant deliveries of fish from Laddie, as well as NC0’s feeding skills, will see the little ones thrive.

Nest Updates

Arrival dates:  Laddie - 13.3.22   NC0 - 23.3.22

Three eggs laid:  Egg #1 - 12.4.22   Egg #2 - 15.4.22   Egg #3 - 18.4.22

Hatch dates:  Chick #1 - 19.5.22   Chick #2 - 21.5.22   Chick #3 - 23.5.22


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  • 00:30 NC0 sleeping peacefully. Hoping that Laddie brings her an early breakfish 


  • In reply to Sandra :

    Morning all,

    Laddie relieved NC0 of her overnight duty at 4:48. He got slightly caught up on a twiggy stick after landing but soon sorted himself out

    NC0 flapped her wings and left the nest

    NC0 on the birch

    NC0 returned to the perch at 6:15ish

    After a couple of minutes of being there, she relieved Laddie

    NC0 has been incubating since then. No fish delivered as yet


    I'm away for a few hours. BBL


  • In reply to Sandra :

    A lovely zoom of the eggs at 15:23 after Laddie left his incubation duty. He had been chipping, not for the first time today (14:28 & 14:36 also but stayed on the nest, NC0 remained on the birch). No threat seen during any of his alarms.

    I thought at first glance that egg #3's shell was damaged until I realised it was resting on a leaf! Egg #1 left; Egg #2 front; Egg #3 behind

    Laddie and NC0 have swapped incubation duties since my post this morning, Laddie has brought a stick and a piece of bark to the nest but I can't find any fish delivery.

    15:43 NC0. She had returned shortly after the zoom on the eggs.

    15:45 Laddie has just brought another stick!

    15:50 NC0 has been giving occasional fish calls but not overly desperate

    15:52 Laddie flew off


  • In reply to Sandra :

    Just checking if there are any big bold msgs for me

    Brilliant OP, thank you SANDRA !!!


  • In reply to scylla:

    No, not yet, Scylla...! 

    You're welcome!

  • In reply to Sandra :

    At last, a fish was delivered at 18:07 (unsure if it was headless or not). Only a small offering but it was something at least

    In her right talons as she left the nest with it

    NC0 returned at 18:57

    Once Laddie had left the nest, he could be seen flying behind the trees at the back of the nest, landing on a branch

    Movement could be seen in the tree then Laddie flew from there, over the Loch, and he headed into the tree area (arrowed)


  • In reply to Sandra :

    Hopefully he’s gone fishing again!
  • In reply to Glider:

    Fingers crossed that he has, Glider! It's a clear evening and the Loch looks still so hopefully a better chance of success!

  • In reply to Sandra :

    20:26 NC0 fish calling and keeps looking across the Loch. Could Laddie be there?


  • In reply to Sandra :

    21:05 Well done, Laddie! A lovely-sized headless fish delivered

    NC0 on her way to the birch

    21:13 I wonder how long Laddie will be incubating for?