Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 April 2022


I hope everyone has a joyful, serene week. 

Very windy here, but it's a remarkable 82F. That's 28C. It's going to get chilly again this week, but it sure was nice to see the sun today! This weekend is peak bird migration here, with millions of birds flying north through the night over Indiana. We've been advised to turn off all outdoor lights so we don't hamper their migration.

Take care and be safe, all. 

  • Diane: Thank you again m'dear.
  • Thank you for starting us off, Diane. I'm glad it's been milder weather for you recently.

    Cloudy here, and cold enough to need the heating on this morning, to take the chill off.

    Our clematis on the house is opening, and looks very pretty:

    Looking upwards from the ground below.

  • Thank you for starting off a new week DIANE. You have got a sudden heatwave. Very interested to read about the migration.
    Love the clematis LINDY. Very pretty.
    I am off on a short break to Anglesey today with a friend. We are staying in a hotel so are looking forward to being looked after!! Hope to get to South Stack to see the sea birds on the cliffs there.
  • Thank you, DIANE, for starting us off and also for the news about OG.
    RUSTY - have a lovely holiday !
    LINDY - I hope that I still have a clematis Montana at the end of the garden - must explore. I have lost interest - not happy about that and keep telling myself to buck up.
  • Very tired. Unexpected but lovely visit from Dau & Co. I'll report tomorrow.
  • Rusty - Enjoy Anglesey - its especially nice when it's out of the holiday season! I believe the RSPB cafe at South Stack has been improved and extended, although we've not been there to investigate. (yet)

    AQ -Glad you've had a memorable surprise visit- look forward to hearing about it, later.

    We walked around our own town, inspecting some new houses which have been built recently, and stopping for a takeaway coffee (in my case a hot chocolate) which we drank sitting in the park, watching the children playing on the swings & feeding the ducks.

  • Thought you might like to see this lovely lilac tree which we stopped to admire, hanging over a garden fence on our walk 

  • EE typing in hospital. Got to end and then hit wrong button on mini keyboard of tabletPC.
    So here we go again!
    OG had a good night and a better day. She had a shower and hair wash this morning, and was so excited she rang to tell me. No physio over weekend, so we wait to see what they do tomorrow.
    I sit with her from about 11.00 am till 2.30 pm, and come back after dinner for all the evening until her bedtime - as late as we wish.
    I am well: I have done quite a lot of gardening in early morning and late afternoons -still under instruction (she keeps a little notebook of jobs and progress): I still cook dinner for J and self but sit in hospital with a sandwich when she gets here hospital lunch.
    J has not heard a result from job interview last week, and is still in a lot of pain with his knees.
    We have read you posts and thank you all for your good wishes.
    It is good to hear from you all. OG cannot write replies because I take this laptop home with me for safety and recharging.
    Till next time - bye from EE and OG.
  • Thank you so much for keeping us up to date, EE. It's heartening to hear that OG has been able to get a shower etc -- always makes you feel so much better.

    I hope that now the weekend is over you can both be told when she will be allowed home - perhaps after a physio report? Best wishes.
  • Hi Diane, thanks for the heads up for another week. Its been breezy here but not as warm with the Easterly wind. Looks set to change this week too.

    Had a quiet Sunday as dau was visiting a plant church in a local village. Hopefully no more hospital visits for the time being although still waiting to have a half step fitted outside front door. Now have the bath board but told not to use it until shown how - frustrating. We have had delivery of the chairs and table from The Range, now just have to assemble table and unpack chairs and we're all set to go.

    Have left my heating on but hopefully the temp gauge in the hall will keep it regulated until the boiler man comes to service the boiler and will get him to check my thermostat at the same time. Had to change dates as originally was booked in on Easter Monday which I was told was OK until the engineer rang and said it wasn't. Now not able to fit me in till June which is a bit of a wait.

    Always love clematis. Mum had some growing outside the front of the house for years. Gardner coming on Thursday to do lawns and definitely some weeding. Once the boss is back from his trip to Ireland they will be getting down to sorting the planting out and hopefully the new garden will look great. Decided to go for bamboo and cypress trees as a background border along the back and down one side of the garden - the other side more of a cottagagey type garden.

    AQ - that was nice for you.

    Rusty 2 - enjoy your break on Angelsey and being pampered too. Lovely island.

    EE - thank you for taking the time to update us on OG's progress but look after yourself as well. You are just as important along with J. Do hope he hears soon about the job.


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