Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 April 2022


I hope everyone who is celebrating a holiday and/or visiting with family this weekend has a wonderful, meaningful time.

Sorry I haven’t posted replies this week. I’m up to my ears in paperwork (figuring taxes, arguing with an insurance company, etc.). Sigh.

Take care all and stay safe.

  • Thanks for starting us off Diane.


    Its been glorious here in the UK and we had a lovely afternoon down at our local cricket club where we scattered OH's ashes. Dau and I then went out for a meal in the evening to consolidate our final goodbye in earthly terms.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful Easter and gets to celebrate with family and friends.


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  • Lynette I'm sure you and your daughter raised a glass to your OH - and I hope to happier days ahead

    Diane: Thank you. Busy with family here; have a good Easter Sunday everyone....
  • Wishing you all a very happy and blessed Easter. I have just spent three days entertaining my five year old great-nephew and his parents, and am exhausted! We had wonderful weather and spent most of the time outdoors. Now my face is quite sore with sunburn and I have the beginnings of a suntan. We walked a lot, laughed a lot and I came to the conclusion that I must be fitter than I thought I was - I managed to keep up and was actually ahead of my niece most of the time. I really enjoy spending time with Charlie - but I'm always grateful to be able to hand him back!

    - whether you are on your own, spending it quietly, or with family 

    Thank you to Diane for starting us off again. Sorry you've got more dratted paperwork to plague you. Hope you can make short work of it soon.

    Lynette, glad all went well yesterday.

    We are just getting ready for our Easter Egg Hunt - son hiding eggs in the garden whilst Amber goes for a walk with Bonnie & Grandad!

  • Bonnie testing Amber's toes whilst she eats her dinner!

  • Wishing everyone a Happy Easter Day -
    PAT - Lovely to have had family time - and little Charlie time :-)
    LINDY - I'm hoping to see some photos from Shropshire - the Easter egg hunt !
    LYNETTE - Lovely to scatter OH s ashes at the cricket ground, where he spent many happy times. You also mentioned a rose, I seem to remember?
    ANNETTE - don't work too hard and enjoy your grandsons visit ! I bet Miss D was excited to see him..
    DIANE - I'm sorry that you are so bogged down with admin stuff. Please try and get a break from it, when you can. Sending hugs.
  • AQ - Aussie folk are so nice ! Son in law ( on oil rig in Australian waters) is on night shift. The cleaning staff do their rooms and when he went to bed there were little chocolate easter eggs placed on top of the clean towels. As my daughter said - ' that would never happen on UK rigs'.

  • A Very Happy Easter to all.

    I am just waiting for Son-in-Law and Seraphina to arrive from Buckinghamshire - here  for a few days by the seaside.

    I will be back at work on Tuesday but they will amuse themselves.

    Take care all x

  • Heather - That's a lovely story! When I was on my world cruise in 2019 we had an Easter goodie-bag with a chocolate bunny, a few little chocolate eggs and a creme egg. A lovely thought - and a lovely taste as well! I'm sure your son in law enjoyed his chocolate surprise!