Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 10 April 2022


The moon turns full next Saturday, 16 April. Here, it's known as the "Pink Moon."

I hope everyone has a joyful, healthy spring week! 

Spring is taking its time to arrive here. I had a long period of snow last night. Our Weather Service warned us ahead of time that we'd have some cold nights with icy rain, and then snow and a hard frost well into morning. Everyone rushed to cover any new garden plants and flowers that had dared to come up.

  • Thank you DIANE! :-) Try to stay warm...
  • DIANE – Thank you for starting us off. Season is supposed to be cooling here, but it’s 31 C today; I’m wafting it your way.

  • Thank you Diane. Hopefully the weather will eventually notice the dates on the calendar!

    Dry and brightening up, here. Warmer weather promised midweek, in time for the Easter break.

    Going to visit Sue this morning, and inspect a new flowerbed she has installed in her tiny garden.
  • Sunny Sunday - J has gone supposedly for breakfast then church – not sure he was going to have time for both – can guess which took priority! Set E-E working in the garden – still too cold to sit and watch. He is planting carrot and salad seeds in the cold frames then setting out the Verbena plants in their fence troughs ready for when it is warm enpough for them to hang in place of mini daffs..

    ANNETTE – second attempt at the moved shrub was successful – if it wastes away, nothing lost as it was just a “sucker” from one we like nearby. I hope your Daughter will behave herself with advice to be careful.

    DIANE – thanks for the new start. We are still having frosts most mornings, so keeping all tender plants protected. Sorry you are still having snow.

    LINDA – cheeky photobomb from Bonnie watching the hail yesterday; the occasional short showers are very wintry – tried a few drops yesterday, but none so far today. Hope you enjoyed visit to Sue and Toffee.

  • DIANE - Thanks for starting the new week. Brrr. Don’t like the idea that it is still so cold there.
    AQ - 31 is too hot for me!!!!
    OG - sounds like you will have some nice veg later in the year. It’s also good to plan for summer flowering.
    Been out for a very pleasant lunch today with a couple of friends. Good food and lots of conversation. The restaurant was chosen deliberately because it is big and airy and everyone is very spaced out.
  • Thank you DIANE
    Will catch up tomorrow, suffering from severe sleep deprivation !
  • Sorry I put "Like" on your post, Heather, but it was because I hope you've enjoyed yourself, nevertheless.

    OG - That's the right word "photobombed" -- I should have thought of it!

    Sue welcomed us with luscious lemon cake from a local bakers, so of course all my good intentions went out of the window. She has been moving furniture around again, in her small sitting room - it's never the same twice when we go. She must be a restless soul. We inspected the garden just as the sun hit where we were standing, so we drew out some garden chairs and had a gossip for half an hour, outside. A salad lunch when we got home, and won't want much tonight. Watching the weather reports with interest, to see what Easter might be like.
  • More garden pictures for those who like them.  Grape hyacinths.

  • The Stellata is fading now, with few new blooms opening. It's been a joy.

  • Fritillaries - my Mum's favourites.