Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 27 March 2022


I hope everyone has a healthy, peaceful week. 

The new moon is Friday, April 1--April Fool's Day. (I think it's just before midnight on March 31 for Annette.)

Lindy: I've enjoyed all of your beautiful flowers. No spring flowers blooming here on my patch yet. It snowed this morning! 

Take care and be safe, all. 

  • Diane:  There's a storm on the West Coast and we're supposed to get rain Monday; hope it doesn't bring bad weather your way.  Oh and of course, THANK YOU!

  • ANNETTE: I hope you get a good rain. I know you folks need it.

    OG: I've sent you an email.

    HEATHER: I hope you enjoy your time with your friends.
  • Thank you DIANE.

    OG – I like your attitude “may as well have pain out as at home”. The more often I go out, the less I complain if once or twice unsuccessful.

    HEATHER – It’s good that s-i-l is living off-shore. WA opened its borders and, no surprise, they are having an Omnicron wave.

    Dau & Co visited us, having had no notes from school for a week that any of Trio were close contacts. It was so wonderful to see them. OH received his chocs & homemade b-day cards – 6 weeks late.

    Darn. Ash Barty has retired; I liked watching her. Why don’t the screamers, grunters & tantrum people retire.

  • Just a thought

    It’s a beautiful Sunday! There are so many reasons to be happy and not to give up. Look around and cheer up.

  • AQ- yes, the ship is in quarantine now, so he is going back to Melbourne and then the rig he was on before. Well, that's the plan....

  • HEATHER - Your Dau must be so worried. I hope all goes well.
  • Thanks DIAVE for starting the week. Another glorious morning here, so we will take Benson to the uni. A lovely walk for all of us.
  • Good Morning, and thank you to Diane for starting us off.

    A Happy Mothers Day to those of us in the UK who are mums. I expect my cards are on the mat, at home!

    Enjoy your walk, dibnlib.

    AQ - Lovely for you to see your tribe.

    The sun is out here, again - we're at that strange time of year when we need the heating on for breakfast, but later in the day we're throwing all the doors and windows open to the sunshine. Met people here yesterday who have been so poorly with the virus that they could only walk a few yards. It has a lasting effect on some unlucky people. My OHs nephew is suffering with it for the 2nd time, as his daughters keep bringing the virus home from school.

  • AQ -- I don't know how many times I've meant to mention Ash Barty - we will miss her but I was impressed at her maturity in thinking ahead. Best wishes to her for her new life.