All quiet on the Osprey front but all delighted to be able to watch the NEW nest on the NEW cam. Thanks to all for the hard work erecting / installing both. You derserve a sucessful breeding pair this year for your efforts.

Some people think Ospreys are a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that. 

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    For those wondering how to get to the 'Web Cam', CLICK 'Loch Garten Osprey nest camera'  HERE

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    Just seen this thread and to give you this message from Jess Tomes at Loch Garten - The osprey cam is being switched to the RSPB YouTube account this evening between 7.45 - 8.00pm. I'll post a link as soon as Wildlife Windows let me know what it is.


  • I visited the centre today although it doesn't open until 1 April. There's nothing I can add to what Valerie has posted other than they're hoping the pair that showed some interest in the nest quite late last spring/summer will return. I can't remember much about that. As my old mother used to say, I've been to bed since then
  • As this is the new Loch Garten thread I will report Jess Tomes message here
    Right I am posting this on behalf of Jess Tomes as she cant get logged on . This is the link to the new webcam and her message - Hi folks, I've had word today from Wildlife Windows that our new osprey cam at Loch Garten has gone live today. I'm letting you know as I know there are many of you chomping at the bit to get a view of the nest - but you'll see it's a different nest this year! Fergus and I are doing a blog due to be published at the end of this week, but I didn't want to keep the web-cam from you till then, so here it is. I hope you like it!
    It's close to the old nest and still viewable from the Nature Centre, but is in a completely healthy Scots pine, unlike the old nest, which only had one living limb.
    We're obviously keen to attract a new breeding pair to this historic site, so have also thinned out the tree canopy surrounding the nest, after taking advice from Roy Dennis. NatureScot gave us consent to carry out both of these bits of work. The view from the centre isn't much different - there are still a lot of trees around, but at the nest itself it feels a lot more open.
    Anyway, more detail to come, but in the meantime, enjoy the view!
    And - Meant to add, in order to give any birds the best chance and not spook them, this camera is hidden in a stick and isn't infra-red. We didn't want to give a new pair any cause for concern, and the red light which shines on an infra-red camera could've done that - we just don't want to take any risks.


  • so many thank yous Valerie
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    Cam switched off 19:35-ish.

    I did a search but didn't find it yet on RSPB YT - shan't spend more time on it, I'll wait for our conduit, VALIERIE, to pass on the link


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    This is the new link www.youtube.com/watch


  • Many thank Valerie. I hope something will be done with this iconic tree and nest, for posterity!

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

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    OK, I've done a bit of digging into who the pair were last year that aroused so much interest and they were called Mistle (Mike named her, as she looks like a mistle thrush) and Axel (scylla's name) as he is banded AX6. They did a lot of bonding stuff in April but then it all fizzled out into May. Here's our one and only scylla's super-summary at the start of the May 2021 thread. 

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    Before I crash - look what's in the bottom left corner of our cam...