Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 March 2022

  • Everyone needs a hug sometime!!

  • Where is everyone? Just because we in SA have a public holiday, no reason for you all to disappear <grin> Holiday is for a horse race that hardly anyone attends.

    This idiot decided to make pasties (replacing those I gave to Dau & Co). It is a hot day and readymade pastry is misbehaving. I had to keep putting pastry in fridge to cool it enough to make it stick & not go mushy.

  • Just a thought

    The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up. (Paul Valery)

  • Another thought, having seen LINDA's post

    You are who you hug. (Lionel Richie)

  • Good Morning. And, hugs to everyone.

    AQ - It sounds horrendous if your pastry won't behave because of the high temps. You must be brave to keep trying to bake.

    Awoke to bright sunshine here. Will try to get a few things done which were shelved because it was the weekend. Watched the BAFTAS last night as I Iove films: always amusing, too, to see what some women think is an elegant ensemble! The most glamorous and stunning were wearing dresses which covered them rather than tried to show everyone all of their "assets!"
  • Good morning – all three of us had a good night for once! I woke up a few times enough to notice that my leg wasn’t shouting at me! J isn’t back from doc yet – probably gone to Subway for a second breakfast!

    A very “routine” day here – hope to see ironing pile get smaller. Quite sunny, but breeze is still cool.

    LINDA – good that the three of you could enjoy a pleasant walk together. Toffee looks a very happy chappie! Hadn’t heard that about HM the Queen – I wonder whether she has a mobility scooter so she can get out and about with the dogs.

    AQ – sorry about pastry problem! I am always surprised by all your baking in hot weather.
  • LINDY - you are good at cheering us all up - hugs to you :-)
  • LINDY Yup, I really love a fruit salad.....with plenty of grapes.
  • Morning all:

    Sorry AQ, I didn't realize we aren't supposed to observe OZ holidays.  I love the saying about dreams....

    I worked in the garden a lot yesterday.  Made some drastic decisions about an untidy plant that  cut back but which threatens to be as untidy as before.  Lots of phone calls to make today for one thing and multiple others.

    Heather:  Will you feel comfortable with the Dane's delay?