Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 March 2022


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

I walked to my small town yesterday to visit the post office and the grocery store. At the top of the hill, I looked up to see R.T. Hawk's mate circling above me. I was glad to see that she made it through the long winter and looks well.

Spring isn't here yet. When I woke up this morning, the temperature was 12F; that's 11 below zero C. The "feels like" temp (wind chill) was 4 below zero F; that's 20 below zero C. In defiance, though, the trees on my patch are budding out.

Take care, all.

  • Diane: THANK YOU!!     Reassuring to know that your wild friends are going to be around this year  But really, that's way too cold.  Have you started shopping for a truck yet?  

    We are putting our clocks forward tonight and it's a measure of my distraction that I've been going around all day thinking we'd gain an extra hour.  But no.  Duh.

  • DIANE – Thank you for a new week. Wonderful that Mrs RTH has survived your winter; hope you see Mr soon. I can’t imagine your temperatures – we are rejoicing that our max temps for this week are only 31-33C as summer attempts its last charge.

    ANNETTE – What, you are changing clocks already?! We have to wait until 3 April. One can’t interfere with Mad March festivities.

    HEATHER – Is your s-i-l responsible for this? It was reported “If you order a beer from a bar next year, there is a chance its bubbles could have been manufactured using carbon dioxide extracted from the Bass Strait seabed. The largest gas producer in southern Australia on Friday announced it would build a plant to recycle and purify carbon dioxide (CO2) extracted from industrial gas to use in the food and beverage industry.” It doesn’t bother me one way or other as I don’t like the taste of beer and I can’t remember when I had a fizzy soft drink. Plain ol’ tap water for me.

  • Sunday. Take it slow and give your soul a chance to catch up with your body.

    Sunday is the day when I prepare for the week ahead by making improbable To Do lists.

    Well, there’s nothing better than putting your feet on a Sunday afternoon and grabbing a good book. (Cris Klein)

  • AQ: I'm with Cris Klein!   And yes, tonight's we spring forward - much too soon for me.   Not sure about those bubbles showing up in everything; coffee? milk?  :-)

  • Thank you, DIANE.
    Just heard from Denmark. Our optimistic friends have both tested +ve for Covid, so have postponed their visit for a week.
  • Thank you for the start DIANE. So pleased you have seen Mrs RTH.

    HEATHER Glad to hear your friends are still coming.

    Covid seems to be rife in the Highlands. We did a LFT this morning as we are going to a friends house for lunch. We are both negative.
  • DIANE - Thanks again for another new week. I hope RT is well himself, not just Mrs! Hope you are well too and can keep warm.

    ANNETTE - always seems hrder adjusting clocks when you have been changing them the wrong way - do you have a lot to do?

    AQ - agree with you re fizzy drinks - chilled filtered tapwater for me and one (or maybe two) hot chocolate each day - coffee taste has compltely changed, so can't drink that now.

    HEATHER - sorry but I had to laugh at your Danish friends testing +ve! I felt they would have enjoyed being able to blame UK if they go it later!

    We both went to church this morning - quite disappointed sitting distanced, singing with mask and so on. I don't think I shall be trying to go weekly even in good weather. Have planned to book a meal Thursday evening - for the three of us for OH's birthday.

    Had a really painful night with my right leg - woke up screaming so the other two woke too. Better than it was but nasty back-ache (which could be due to sitting in wheelchair at church).
  • Hello, sorry I've been absent : busy this morning, and then forgot about it, later!

    Diane, many thanks for starting us off. I feel chilly just reading about your temps. So pleased that Mrs RTH is OK.
  • Sorry that your church outing was disappointing, OG. It seems odd that some rules are still in place and others are now gone or ignored. Sorry too, that you still have such pain. I hope you can all get out for a nice dinner on Thursday.

    We went for a short walk in the fields this morning and it wasn't too damp underfoot- I managed, with a stick, and Bonnie was pleased to have both of us out together. Afterwards, we went to visit Sue, and Toffee was equally pleased. Here he is, smiling:

    He's really settled in well and Sue has had some training sessions with him for recall,  etc. He has a good life now, after once upon a time living by his wits on the streets.

  • I was sorry to read that HM the Queen is now too frail to take her beloved dogs for a walk. She clearly doesn't sound well, having lost her husband, had a bad back, and now covid. At 95 she should be resting more I'm sure but she's not one to rest after all these years of work.