• Morning all, I'm looking for material for my next blog for #FOTO, and requesting your help. It's World PlasticBag-free day on 3rd July, and I'm looking for info on Osprey nests that have a lot of plastic brought back, incidents where adults and chicks have been entangled, and injured or killed by ingesting plastic. If you're able to provide links that would be most helpful, otherwise if you can give as much info as possible so I can research it please.

    I aim to publish the blog at the end of this month - thanks in advance! You can leave comments on my Twitter account (https://twitter.com/geemeff) or on WWD/Osprey forum walkingwithdaddy.com/.../, or here if it's ok with Scylla who started this thread.

    Your input is much appreciated.
  • Link to my latest blog for Flight of the Osprey (#FOTO) on Ospreys and plastic pollution posted for International Plastic Bag-free Day 2022. Fortunately, Loch Arkaig doesn't suffer from direct plastic pollution like many other nests do, thinking of Dyfi's Telyn, and the rubber glove at LotL, but the fish being delivered to the nest almost certainly contain some microplastics.

    Thanks to everyone who responded, I wasn't able to fit in all the contributions as sadly there's a lot of examples out there, but have given credit where I've used yours. The photo I used for the header gives me chills...


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    That is the most amazing photo and back-story!

  • Calling all teachers of under-18s - Conservation Without Borders is looking to involve your class with the Flight of the Osprey expedition which begins next month as the sat-tagged Ospreys we're following start heading off to Africa on migration. 

    Please don't respond here.

    Contact me
    email: office@conservation-without-borders.org (put 'teacher' in the subject field);
    message my Twitter account: https://twitter.com/geemeff;
    leave a comment on any video on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/.../videos;
    or post on Adam's Osprey site: walkingwithdaddy.com/.../

    Many thanks. Please share widely! I'm not on FB or Insta so would appreciate this being shared there, thank you!  www.conservation-without-borders.org/

  • World on the Move

    I think by now followers of osprey here will have heard that I came across osprey in 2008 when the BBC ran a series on Radio 4 called World on the Move.  Roy Dennis was speaking about Logie, the first osprey he tagged.  He followed her southward migration, and the return journey over the series.  Try as I may I haven't been able to find a link which worked.  Until recently.  The series is on BBC Sounds.  This programme told he history of the return and revival of the osprey in Scotland, and in particular the involvement of George Waterston and Roy himself and of course LG as well as following the migration of Logie, and I fell in love with osprey!  

    I was a resident volunteer, for just a week, in 2010, but that gave me an insight into life as a 24/7 watcher of osprey.  My first shift, having come all the way from Cambridge, was the night shift - 22hrs to 08.00 hrs the following day.  Talk about in a the deep end, but it was wonderful.

    In the couple of episodes I have listened to again, Roy's piece is towards the end of the programme.  But even skipping through, Roy's wonderful Hampshire brogue is easy to spot.  The link is here

    The series starts on 12 February 2008, but the piece about birds starts on 19 February - at Tanji in Gambia first talking about our LBJ summer birds which migrate south in Winter.  No osprey yet, but fascinating.  4 March is the one to start with - back to The Gambia - and osprey!!  Back to Tanji.  Then to Scotland and a piece on the revival of osprey and Roy Dennis discussing the mystery of migration and the tagging of Logiereferring to 'last year' when they tagged her as an adult in 2007.  Age unknown, but had been breeding at her nest since 2005 and was possibly ten years old.  Using an eagle owl as a decoy and a mist nest.  Logie was the heaviest bird he had known at nearly 2kg.  White AN.  18 March has another piece.   I'm not going thru them all, but just by skipping you will find a piece by Roy, if it is there. 


    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

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    SheilaFE that’s amazing, thank you for posting. I’ve copied the links and will have a look.

  • ***  Name those chicks! Voting is now open! ***  closes 4pm Friday 22nd July

    This year, pick one favourite name and the top two will be the winners:

    Beithe (Gaelic for birch)

    Caorann (Gaelic for rowan)

    Dessarry (for nearby Glen Dessarry)

    Jubilee (for the Jubilee)

    Sarafina (African name meaning bright star)

    Willow (a tree native to the UK)

    Vote here:


  • I have voted. I prefer the Gaelic names, but didn't chose one because I would have liked to know the pronunciation first. I chose Dessarry - I've stayed in both Sourlies and Glen Dessary bothies, nothing really to do with osprey. but I know how to pronounce it! LOL!!

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

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    World Athletics Championships, Oregon

    BBC ONE 01:05-04:35

    Waffle follows, you gotta hear my travails

    I was FF-ing very fast thru the recording and something caught my eye - an Osprey!  Rewound, and there was a mother Osprey feeding a juvie, it was on a crane over or near the stadium and the cam zoomed in on it.  They started mentioning it @ 34 minutes in, digressing from the pole vault, and I was going to give you an iPlayer link but thought I should make it easy...

    I recorded it from the TV on my phone but then couldn't do anything with it cos it was too big to send to myself for editing and a "server error" prevented the work-around, so I recorded it on here from iPlayer, edited, treated sound, uploaded... copyright violation "No-one will be able to watch - would you like to trim out the offending bit?" - "Yes" - whirlygig for a long time - and it's only chopped out the commentators' chitchat about the crane being left there "contentiously" - so there's an uncustomary glitch near the start: