Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 23 January 2022

  • Ah, yes - it's a bit of the country I've never been to, Clare :-) Thanks for the advice!!
  • Diane - Good to see you, but sad to hear you have really been through the mill. Do take care as you try to complete your project. Coffee is good, but don't overdo it. You still need to sleep. And plenty of water. I'm sure we are all right behind you, wishing you well and sending healing thoughts and prayers,
  • Good morning - marginally warmer here, but very dull. J has gone for a walk - probably breakfast too! Did I mention he had a successful interview and will appear on the casual list for teaching assistants in our area - he will have the option to turn down any which involve complicated or weather-risk journeys. GD has moved into her house - and boyfriend (fellow teacher) with her. "Pets" remain at Daughter's (Gheckos and Snakes!). Other GD looks like moving south this week some time to start her job next weekend.

    DIANE - sorry to read how sick you have been. Sounds like it could have been covid virus - but how did you catch it, staying so isolated? Praying you find the strength to complete the project - you are so concentrated and determined that I am sure you will make the deadline. I hope you still have food in the freezer. Don't forget to get some sleep and keep drinking.

    Can't remember what I read on page 1, and have started by typing in box, so can't do the usual type in word and then copy. I hope all are well today. OH is limping - hurt his knee finishing the gate yesterday.
  • Here in Rochester, NY, I have been able to be rapid tested weekly for free, at my town Public Works dept. or Walgreens. Public Works also gave out free home test kits. I also ordered free home test kits from the federal govt to be delivered in 7-10 days. Our county and NYS have pushed throughout the pandemic for access to information, vaccines and testing. I feel fortunate to live in NYS, and especially in this county. I have ordered CDC approved N95s on line, and swap them out to be reused every three days, since they are more expensive.

    Still, essential workers, those using public transport, those who must be physically be in a risky environment, including the disabled and those with children, have it much worse off. Just as many of the same are now disadvantaged in our voting system. Now I must stop myself before more words come out.

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  • Diane, thanks for keeping us informed but your illness sounds very grim. Surely the fact that you are very ill would allow the two week deadline to be moved...or are anti-vaxxers or folk who deny the existence of the virus running that company?! Please take care of yourself.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Hope that J gets his chance at the job he wants, OG. Sorry that EE has hurt himself - hope it improves after a rest today.

    Its warmer here with no wind at all, so a good day for being in the garden to get things done: my OH continued his sweeping up, and I pruned an ivy next to our front door which has been trying to take over things, including a big pot which I plant up with bright flowers in summer, to give a welcome to visitors. Then I cut some yellow forthsythia to bring into the house.
  • Bonnie has had a bath! A very rare event.  My OH usually runs a hose over her dirtiest bits, but I had decided that she smelled rather, so she's had a dip in our bathtub, with me rubbing doggy shampoo into her fur.  She wasn't very impressed, but now is very white on her white bits!, LOL!!

  • Morning all:

    Diane:  That's an efficient website; too bad it doesn't reflect the on-the-ground reality. But it's just awful that you're still feeling so bad and that the symptoms are confusing and you apparently have no way to get to a clinic or doc.  Can you call any health services for a telephone consultation?  How are you getting food in?  Any local church or community groups who could drop off supplies?  Can you order food to be delivered to your area?  Do you think the same conditions apply in a large city such as Indianapolis, where there'd surely be more options compared to those in your rural area?  Like CC in NY, I'm grateful we live in California, where we had a brief local shortage of at-home tests (I think people may have been hoarding) but that's been sorted out and we've always been able to get free PCR tests, with results in less than 24 hours, at least from my experiences.   I've also ordered the four free at-home the Feds have just sent out, although I've always heard they aren't entirely reliable and typically show positive only after about the fourth day of infection, too late to prevent people from inadvertently infecting others.   NPR also recently reported that some people have been self-testing every day, which is wasteful given the tests' shortcomings.  Waaay too many questions from me so feel free to ignore, but I am concerned, as are we all.   I hope you can steamroller your way through that project without too much hassle - it sounds like just proofreading and maybe some copyfitting at this point?  Hugs from here.

    CC:  Re voting, looks like I'll be writing lots of letters for Vote Forward again this year.  :-(  It's all very worrying.

    OG:  Yes, you did indeed mention J's successful application for teaching assignments; bravo for him.  I'm sure that's given him a lift.  Lots of changes for the granddaughter's then...  :-)  Hope EE's knee will be okay in a couple of days...

    I owe all kinds of people here and there various responses, so must do all that today before our cable service attempts its - ahem - upgrade tomorrow.  

  • If only OH had time to "rest" his knee - doesn't help that he has me to push around from room to room as necessary! J has been doing some ironing for him, and helping with washing up.

    LINDA - lovely clean white Bonnie - need more of the current dry weather to make it last!