Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 26 December 2021

Happy Hogmanay and Happy New Year!

This is the last thread of 2021! Time flies...

My dear friends, I wish you all happiness, health, safety, and serenity in 2022. May it be a better year for us and the world.

PHOTO: The 2021 Comet Leonard, near in the sky to the awe-inspiring star cluster Messier 3. The comet will reach its closest point to our Sun on January 3, 2022 at the end of its 40,000-year journey to the inner Solar System. It'll be ejected into interstellar space, never to return.

Photo labeled “Public domain” (copyright free)
Horizon Productions SFL

  • Diane:  Thank you for starting us off - yet another year and yes, let's hope it will be a good/better year.

    But oh my, now I have to go look at the trajectory of Comet Leonard.....  I was up - briefly - this morning to watch the Webb Telescope head out into space.  I can't believe what they're expecting (hoping?) to see assuming it achieves full functionality.

    EDIT:  Here's more on Comet Leonard from NASA: www.nasa.gov/.../views-of-comet-leonard-from-two-sun-watching-spacecraft

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    That's a good article at the link you provided, Annette. I missed the Webb Telescope launch. I intended to watch it, but I don't seem to be very organized right now. The goals for it are impressive. Happy New Year, A.
  • DIANE – Thank you for all your good wishes. I hope it s not too freezy where you are. Now about that comet – could Leonard please collect all those nasty covids and take them off never to return!

    This arvo Dau#2, OH, g-dau dropped in to collect their loot (envelopes). And we have more chocs!!! Plus some interesting mini meals. Tonight’s has sweet potato as one ingredient; I shall not tell OH otherwise he won’t try it.

    Our state’s covid numbers are rising daily, so much that restrictions will be re-imposed from midnight, thus spoiling people’s NYE plans. More cries of woe from hospitality venues.

  • Just a thought

    I wish we could put some of our Christmas spirit in jars and open one up every month.

  • Good Morning and Thank You to Diane for starting us off for the last time this year. Interesting about the Comet.

    I am lazing in bed but will have to shift: not packed a thing yet for us to go away tomorrow, nor wrapped up Amber's books. Also have some emails to reply to.

    AQ - Glad you got more chocs to enjoy. My OH thought he didn't like sweet potato until I cooked some fries made of it.

  • LINDA - I hope you are feeling better. Do take things slowly and enjoy your visit.

    OH ate all of his sweet potato, topped with tomato something or other. Then I told him what it was. He is now in front of TV preparing to inhale his chocs. LOL.
  • Sorry I did not get here yesterday (took about two hours for OH to succeed in waking me!) so Belated Christmas Wishes on Boxing Day!
  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette in SoCal said:
    I was up - briefly - this morning to watch the Webb Telescope head out into space.

    As was I, but at my friend's home. It was truly momentous, and I cannot wait to see how it goes in the next month and what they eventually see in a half year! Amazing effort by such a huge team of people. Of course, it has taken a very long time to reach just that point. The human spirit makes all things possible.

    Happy Boxing Day to all!

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  • We had our Christmas at our favourite hotel in Pitlochry. We had a wonderful time. It is a country house hotel and stands in 10 acres. Dogs are welcome. We enjoyed a 2 hour walk at Loch an Eilein on the way home, it was a bit dodgy underfoot but we live to tell the tale!! Hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas as well.
  • ANNETTE Glad to know your daughter is improving.

    HEATHER Oh dear, poor you. I hope your day got better.